Triple Sevens Progressive Jackpot

Triple Seven

Triple Sevens is a progressive blackjack game powered by Microgaming software. Two sevens of the same suit will get you 50 coins, three sevens of any suit gets you 250 coins, three sevens of the same suit gets you 1,000 coins, and three “diamond” sevens wins the progressive jackpot. The Triple Sevens jackpot is currently worth $106,444 (at the time of writing). On average, this jackpot pays out $72,463 every 157 days. It was last hit on 22 September 2015, awarding $63,493 at that time. The Triple Sevens jackpot is not won very often, but when it is ultimately hit, the payout is substantial. On average, the Triple Sevens jackpot rises by $750 every day.

What is Triple Sevens game about?

Microgaming Triple Sevens Blackjack is high quality classic Blackjack for online play with an exciting addition. The game offers a side bet which can payoff big, in the form of a fabulous progressive jackpot plus bonuses for other combinations of Sevens. The unique Expert Mode lets you customize the game to your taste.

The object of the Blackjack Triple Sevens game is to assemble a hand that is higher valued than the dealer’s without exceeding 21 points, or one that contains 3 Sevens of the same suit to win the progressive jackpot.

How to play Triple Sevens Progressive Jackpot?

How to play Triple Seven

You can start playing Blackjack Triple Sevens by selecting your bet amount for the current round. To play the progressive jackpot side bet, click Triple Sevens betting circle. Clicking Deal means you’ll be dealt two cards, both face up. The dealer will also receive two cards, one face down and one face up.

To receive an additional card, click Hit. To stay with the cards you have, click Stand. To double your wager and be dealt another card, click Double. If you were dealt a Pair, you may divide your hand into two and double your bet by clicking Split; you will then be automatically dealt additional cards for each hand, to be played separately. It is to be remembered if you have opted for the progressive wager in this game, a pair of Sevens should never be split.

What are the features in Triple Sevens Progressive Jackpot?

The Dealer must hit on any hard or soft total of 16 or less. The Dealer must stand on any total of 17 or more. The winning criteria is when you have a blackjack. Your hand is closer to 21 than the Dealer’s without going over. The Dealer busts, but you stay within 21 points. The rules of the game are simple that cards should be dealt from five standard 52-card decks. Cards are re-shuffled after each hand. Blackjack wins automatically, unless both the Player and Dealer receive Blackjack simultaneously. This is considered a draw and you push.

When playing Microgaming Triple Sevens Blackjack you can access the convenient strategy chart at any time during the game. This chart acts as a guide in making crucial game decisions, such as when to split, when to double and when to hold. An Insurance option is available to protect players from a dealer Blackjack and these bets will pay out a 2:1 win.

The game has an option to take a side bet which can give you huge return probably in the form of progressive jackpot and some bonuses for several other combinations with the sevens. The Triple Sevens Blackjack also has a very unique expert mode which enables the users to customize the game just according to their taste and preferences.

How to win Triple Sevens Progressive Jackpot?

How to win triple seven progressive jackpot

The objectives of this Triple Sevens Blackjack game is just like any other game where the online player is required to play a hand which is more than the dealer hands but not exceeding the number 21. The hand which has the 3 sevens of the same suit obviously equaling 21 wins the progressive jackpot.

Once the game is in progress and you have made your 3.00 bets, you can then click the deal button to receive your two cards. In traditional blackjack, a player will then play through the hand and if they better the dealer hand. They will be paid out at even money or at odds of 3/2 if they land blackjack and this is precisely what happens in this variant of the game too.

The progressive element comes in however when a player is dealt a seven card. Being dealt these cards at specific times in the hand can trigger additional payouts on top of your usual wins for beating the dealer’s hand.
The Payouts are as follows:
•If your first card is any seven, you automatically win 5.00
•If both the cards you are dealt when you start the game are sevens of any suit, then you automatically win 25.00
•If both the cards you are dealt when you start the game are sevens of the same suit, then your win is doubled to 50.00
•If your first three cards are all sevens of any suit, then you win 250
•If your first three cards are all sevens of the same suit (either clubs, spades or hearts) then you win 1,000.
•The progressive jackpot is triggered when your first three cards of a hand are all the seven of diamonds (Triple Sevens – hence the name). When you are dealt this, then you trigger the progressive jackpot.

One thing that keen blackjack players will note at this point is that when you receive a hand in a typical game of blackjack and are dealt a pair of sevens with your first two cards, you can elect to split the hands.

Of course, in this version of the game, doing so is counter-productive as two sevens will automatically win you either 25.00 if they are unsuited or 50.00 if they are suited, with the chance to increase that win to 250 1000 or even the progressive jackpot if you manage to draw another seven to complete your hand.

As such, while you can split with any pair, it is not advisable to do so in this game as this strategy would likely end up costing you money. It is always best to remember the adage, “Always Hit, Never Split” when it comes to landing a pair of sevens in Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack.