Tunzamunni Progressive Jackpot


Tunzamunni pokies is based on Mexican God of fortune and really this pokies pays great fortune with a top progressive jackpot prize available if you can hit the right combination at the right time. The unique thing about Tunzamunni is that it is a progressive pokies that appeals to lower stakes players.  Spins start from just 0.05 but you can win the progressive with a max bet of just 0.25, which means Tunzamunni is one of the best value progressive pokies available today.

The jackpot in this pokies rises by roughly $750 each day. The Tunzamunni jackpot is currently worth $24,097 (at the time of writing). On average, this jackpot pays out $41,278 every 14 days. It was last hit on 16 May 2016, awarding $49,258 at that time.

What is Tunzamunni game about?

As said above Tunzamunni is progressive jackpot pokies game. Symbols are stripped down to the basic, classic pokiess icons – red, white and blue 7s which, however, appear to be carved from precious gemstone and single, double and triple bars enhanced with a rich gold color. Tunzamunni is a 3 reel, 1 payline progressive pokies machine powered by Microgaming software.

How to play Tunzamunni Progressive Jackpot?

How to play Tunzamunni

To play for the jackpot, you must wager $0.25. If you land a white seven, a red seven, and a blue seven, in that order across the payline, you win the jackpot. The payouts start at any three bar symbols across the main payline paying out 6 x your original wager.

One feature that more experienced players may wish to use is the Autoplay feature, which allows you to enter a predetermined number of spins that you wish the game to play for. Once selected, you can then do something else, while the program completes your number of spins for you. All payouts are automatically added to your account, so you’ll never miss a win even if you are not focusing on what is happening on screen.

What are the features in Tunzamunni Progressive Jackpot?

Tunzamunni features

There are no wilds or scatters in this pokies game, so it’s up to the constantly growing progressive jackpot to provide the excitement factor. There are single bars, double bars and triple bars across the reels. In addition to this, there are three different colours of the number 7 on the reels, A white 7, a blue 7 and a red 7.

The 7s are the higher paying symbol, especially the combination of a white, a red and a blue 7 – in that specific order. When this combo shows up and you have bet the max 5 coins, you are rewarded with the progressive jackpot payout. One other thing to note is that on the pokies are empty spaces, which are exactly that. They do not contain a symbol and you cannot win anything by lining up empty space pokies on the payline.

How to win Tunzamunni Progressive Jackpot?

Tunzamunni How to win Jackpot

Tunzamunni lacks in bonus game features, Wilds, Scatters, Bonus symbols and free spins, it makes up for in being a pokies that is true to the simple tradition of pokies, combined with a Progressive jackpot that often offers a life changing amount when won.

Bars pay the lower amounts in the game with wins of up to 200 coins available using three triple bar symbols across a payline with the full 5 coins wagered. The 7’s are the higher symbols in the game and 3 sevens of any colour will pay you out 80 times your stake.

Land three blue 7s and you win 160 times your stake, 3 red sevens is 200 times your stake and 3 white sevens and you win 1,000 times your stake. The big jackpot wins however come when you land one white, one red and one blue seven across the payline in that order. Then each of your wins is 2,500 times your initial bet, unless you have wagered the full amount of five coins.

If you have then you could be celebrating big time as this is the way to trigger the progressive jackpot win, which will immediately be paid into your account before resetting back to its initial seed value, ready to grow into another monster pot for the next player to win.