8 Types of Progressive Jackpot Pokies to Play at Online Casinos

Progressive pokies games to play

Playing progressive jackpot pokies is the dream of every player. The reason is has it pays out a Huge Jackpot. You needn’t venture out of your comfort zone to play these Jackpots but you can instantly choose an online casino of your choice that accepts AUD or BTC to play pokies with your mobile or PC and join them in minutes to get going with the gameplay. Most gamers bet high on these games to become a millionaire as experts of pokies believe that the more you bet the more you win on these pokies. So if you are planning to enjoy playing progressive jackpot pokies at online casinos all you need is a gaming device that is your PC or mobile or tablet, visit an online casino instantly on your web browser, register yourself, and make an initial casino deposit in AUD, grabbing the welcome bonus and selecting the jackpot pokies of your choice and get started.

But before you take all these necessary steps to play jackpot pokies you need to understand the types of progressive jackpot pokies available at most online casinos so that you make the correct choice of pokies games to play.

As progressive jackpot pokies mean that the jackpot in the game progresses as more and more people play. This means a portion of every wager players makes on the games is added to the jackpot until somebody wins it. After someone hits the jackpot, the meter resets to a lower, base amount and begins progressing again.

Progressive jackpots come in all sizes. Some start at a few dollars and are designed to hit frequently, keeping players interested in the games. Some start in the millions and it might be years between hits for these. Also, there are many starting points in between.

Here find the right type of Progressive Jackpot Pokies to play at online casinos

1. The single-machine progressive pokies

Single machine progressive

These pokies were the first type of progressive games,  Single-machine progressives still exist, mainly on three-reel games in real as well as online casinos. Progressives at online social casinos, with no wagering for money permitted, usually are single-machine progressives. Each machine has its progressive meter, and it rises as bets are made on that machine. If you play for a while and leave with the meter at $1,178.63, then that’s where it stays until the next player takes a seat and starts to wager, sending the meter rising again.

2. The linked progressive pokies

The linked progressive pokies games

These are the most common type of progressives at casinos.  Here several machines within the same casino are electronically linked to the same jackpot. If there is a row of six machines, all linked to the same jackpot, then a wager at any of the six machines increases the jackpot for all. Then if a player at any of the linked machines wins the jackpot, the pot resets to a lower level for all machines.

3. The wide area of progressive pokies

Wide area progressive jackpot pokies games

Wide-area pokies work in the same way as linked progressives, but they link machines in different casinos.  Suppose a player on the Las Vegas Strip, one in Reno, and one in Lake Tahoe all can be making bets that add to the same jackpot, but a player in New Jersey on the same game would be on a different link for New Jersey players.
When playing at online casinos a progressive would be considered a wide-area equivalent only if it linked play at different online casinos by different companies. Most online progressive jackpots are open to multiple players but in the same online casino, so they are equivalent to linked progressives rather than too wide areas.

4. The single-level progressive pokies

Single level progressive pokies

Here only the top jackpot is progressive on a single-level progressive. When progressives were invented, this was the only way it was done. The display meter would show one rising amount, which you would win when you lined up the top jackpot combination on the reels.  Most single-level progressives today are on three-reel games with mechanical reels at casinos. They include some of the most popular and pokies games like Blazing 7s, which starts with a $1,000 jackpot on $1 games, to Megabucks, the first wide-area game that starts its jackpot in the millions.

5. The multi-level progressive pokies

Multi level progressive pokies jackpot games

At online casinos progressives, today have multiple jackpot tiers. That includes nearly all video and online progressives.  The pokies games from Aristocrat Technologies with its Hyperlink system feature four progressive levels labeled Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand. At the Mini level, jackpots are only a few dollars and hit often, while at the Grand level, the jackpots are thousands of dollars and hit less frequently.

Other multi-level progressives have used labels such as bronze, silver, gold, platinum or sapphire, emerald, ruby, and diamond, but the idea is the same. The low progressive levels hit more often, and players love to win this jackpot.

6. The symbol-driven progressive pokies

Symbol driven jackpot games

In these pokies games, if you line up enough jackpot symbols in a row, you win the progressive. In three-reel pokies, three jackpot symbols in a row will do it. In a five-reel video pokies, it’ll usually take five although a five-reel video poky with a multi-level progressive usually uses one of the other methods of awarding a jackpot.

7. The bonus drives progressive pokies

Bonus drive pokies

Here instead of awarding the progressive on the main reels, the jackpots are awarded during bonus play.  For with a wheel spin where a bonus wheel is affixed to the top of a machine or appears on the screen of a video or online pokies game. You touch a button or the screen to spin the wheel, which is divided into segments. Some segments award credits, free spins, or other bonuses, while some segments award progressive jackpots.

Also, you are rewarded with a free spin bonus when in a game the goal of the free spins is to collect gold coins, and anytime one lands on the screen, it stays in place. At the end of the spins, the number of coins you have determines either the credits you win or, if there are enough of them, awards you a progressive jackpot.  Methods of awarding jackpots during bonus play can be as varied as the jackpots themselves.

8. The mystery progressive pokies

Mystery pokies

Here in the game, there are no jackpots on the reels, you’re not in a bonus round, but the machine goes into celebration mode with special music and animation, and you’re awarded a jackpot.

These are mystery progressives, and the way they work is that a random number generator selects a jackpot amount somewhere between a minimum and a maximum payout. If your bet is the one that pushes the jackpot to the randomly selected payout amount, you win regardless of whether you win or lose on the reels.

So as you now understand the above types of pokies machines you can help yourself in choosing which progressive jackpot pokies game suits you and your budget. Remember all these types of pokies machines may or may not be available to play at online casinos.

Also, note that the rules of the pokies games vary from casino to casino. It is advised to check the history of payouts to see when the last payout was made. If it was recent, you might want to find a machine that hasn’t paid out in some time. You might just get lucky enough to land in the right place at the right time for a jackpot win.