Progressive Pokies. How They Make You a Millionaire?

Progressive Jackpot

When you enter a casino whether online or land based you find so many variety of pokies games to play. Often you get confused which one to pick. You will see lots of video pokies, regular pokies, classic pokies and even skill based pokies and much more. If you have heard of progressive pokies or jackpots then you will be all excited to look for these games. These progressive jackpot pokies attract millions of players each year.

So what are actually jackpot pokies machines?

Progressive jackpot pokies look like ordinary pokies machines, but they’re so much more than you are looking at. Your regular pokies machine will have a regular limit on its prizes; probably up to the value of $250,000 but progressive pokies award more over millions too.

Progressive pokies, as the word ‘Progressive’ in it would suggest, take advantage of a progressive jackpot system which builds up over time.

Basically, players add to a cumulative pot every time they spin the machine. A percentage of the stake – usually around 80-90% – goes towards the regular game and 10-20% of all stakes go to the progressive pot. This makes sure the progressive jackpot remains accessible to all, while big wins are still available to individual players.

Next you would think as how Jackpots are generally awarded to the players

Well they award jackpots in two ways: First by random win and next by winning the bonus game within the pokies game.

When you speak of Random win then you will find that there are a number of progressive pokies machines that award progressive jackpots on a random basis. A player could be spinning their way through a game of pokies, only to receive a simple pop-up awarding the player a life-changing sum of money. This variety of progressive jackpot game is extremely popular.

The other is the bonus game jackpot win like in some jackpot pokie games such as the extremely popular Mega Moolah have a bonus game to award the progressive jackpot. This can be activated by landing a specific amount of symbols or by completing a number of other bonus games. This variety of jackpot pokies is also very popular.

What do you think are Jackpot Pokies better than Regular Pokies?

Jackpot pokies have bigger jackpots when compared to regular pokies. Regular pokies machines can be extremely entertaining, but compared to progressive pokies machines their jackpots are small. Like you must have heard that Mega Moolah pokies, has a jackpot that can reach up to an incredible $4.5 million. Also regular pokies like Agent Jane Blond has entertaining jackpots of up to $250,000. Both sums of money are potentially life-changing, but a million dollar jackpot is obviously much better than a jackpot in the thousands.

Also winning a progressive jackpot can be easier than winning a regular jackpot from a normal pokies.  As said above since some progressive jackpots are awarded randomly , regular jackpots are rewarded by matching 5 symbols and it makes them easier to win in the long run. But one disadvantage is that anybody in the world can bag the progressive jackpot at any time.  This leads to frustration when you find that a particular machine is going to win a Jackpot but then you hear within seconds that it is gone because someone somewhere might have won the progressive jackpot.

You need not worry to think that there are limited progressive jackpot pokies to play. You would be surprised to find that there’s a huge range of progressive jackpots out there. So, when one is won, there’s another waiting for you just around the corner. At times, there could be millions waiting to be won, and this makes progressive jackpots extremely popular; especially when compared with the winnings from a regular table game such as blackjack or roulette.

There are many gaming softwares that provide progressive jackpot at the online casinos.

The Microgaming jackpot network has paid out over $600,000,000 in jackpot prizes since 1998. All progressive jackpot wins, no matter how big they are are paid out in one single payment. Jackpots you can play Dark Knight, Mega Moolah and Major Millions

Net Entertainment casinos feature three network wide jackpot games with all progressive wins being paid out in a single payment. Mega Fortune holds the world record for the biggest online jackpot at AU$26,302,519. Jackpots you can play Arabian Nights and Mega Fortune.

Playtech have paid out some of the biggest online jackpots including a huge $8,211,488 win on Beach Life in February, 2010. The majority of Playtech casinos pay out progressive wins in monthly instalments. Jackpots you can play Marvel Slots, Beach Life and Gold Rally.

Therefore each casino software network has its own assortment of progressive pokies, and each network tends to have two or three “flagship” progressive pokies that are the most popular. As most online casinos function as part of a network. That is, they use the same gaming software. The majority of each casino’s games function on their own, with the exception of the progressive jackpot games. In order to keep the jackpot growing quickly and constantly, the different casino software companies (or networks) pool the pot for each game across all their casino sites.

That means each time a wager is placed on the game, from any of the network casinos, the progressive jackpot increases incrementally. Players at each of the participating casinos have equal chances of winning. Once the jackpot is hit, it starts to build again in the exact same manner.

Where you can play Progressive Jackpot pokies games online?

You can choose a reputed Australian friendly online casino to play Progressive Jackpots.

Casinos like Jackpot City, All Slots, Royal Vegas, Spin Palace and are some of the well known casinos which offer good bonuses and safe and secure banking options with great customer support to the players. On some games you have to play max bet to have any chance of winning the progressive so be sure to read the game rules before you start playing.

Like any pokies game, progressive pokies wins are determined entirely by luck. So when it comes to strategy there’s not much you can do. It is important but to compare the various current progressive jackpots before you choose where to play. With the large number of online casinos available, there will be a big difference in the size of the jackpot on offer. By finding the network with the biggest jackpot, you increase the potential win size, lessening the casino’s house edge.

Also check the game table. Each game’s paytable will tell you what combination you need to get on the pokies in order to win the progressive jackpot. Some pokies require you to make the maximum bet in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot combination, so be sure to find out if the game you are playing has this type of requirement.
You must be tempted by now to jump for the progressive jackpots. It is true you might be just a spin away from winning a life changing award. Go and look out for the progressive machine and grab it.