What Are Progressive Strategies in Roulette and Do They Help in Winning Jackpot?

Roulette Strategies

Progressive betting systems in Roulette is one of the betting strategies that is often used by table games who play Blackjack and Roulette.  In this system you can either raise or lower the amount of your bet based on whether you won or lost the previous hand. There are various progressive betting systems around, but they all fall into two general categories: “positive” systems are those that have you increase your bet after you win, while “negative” systems have you increase your bet after you lose.

In positive progressive betting system you apply it for betting. Like if you make a $10 bet that is the minimum bet and win back your money. When you win again, you increase your bet to $15; win again and increase to $20, etc. If you lose, you go back to the minimum bet that is $10. Some positive systems allow the player to double his bet each time he wins, as opposed to increasing the bet by certain increments. There are quite a few betting systems, each with its own particular view on what works best.

The type of progressive betting system described above is considered “positive” because it increases your bet when you win. It is a relatively rational system of money management. An example of a “negative” progressive betting system would be a system called the “Martingale System,” which recommends increasing your bet when you lose, in the hope that you’ll get back your money. This is risky and is not highly recommended, although negative betting systems do have a number of players following this system.

Progressive betting system to win Jackpot in Roulette

As a roulette player you are constantly trying to distinguish discernible patterns in seemingly random results and number sequences, it can be hard to determine an effective strategy that optimises your chances of success.

This is particularly true in roulette, as the majority of betting systems are progressive in their nature and require you to incrementally increase your wager with consecutive win or loss. As said above while a positive progression system asks players to increase their betting unit by one after each win, those who deploy a negative progression alternative must wager more with every single loss that they record.

In short, your system is based on winning and losing sequences, as you strive to capitalise on a streak of wins or maximise the value of every successful spin that you achieve.

On a positive note, progressive betting systems can offer tangible benefits depending on your circumstances. If you have a relatively large bankroll and class yourself as a high-roller with a desire to win big, for example, a negative progression system enables you to incrementally build your in-between each winning spin. This ultimately maximises the value of every win that you record, while it also ensures that you make your large bankroll work as hard as possible on your behalf.

But the same cannot be said for casual players, however, as for anyone with a less real money to risk or smaller bankroll the notion of progressive either positive or negative is fraught with risk. Adopting a negative progression system can cause you to run out of capital while waiting for a winning spin, while deploying a positive progression strategy encourages you to increase your stake as you win despite the fact that every single turn of the wheel triggers a random and entirely unpredictable outcome.

Minimal risk betting strategy that might work the best

Always stick to your real money limits and remember that you can think of deploying progressive betting systems, unless you have certain factors such as a large bankroll and a healthy appetite for risk in your favour. In this respect, biggest risk is actually using a progressive betting system for the wrong reasons, however, as neither positive or negative strategies have the effect of reducing the prevailing house odds or altering your odds of winning.

Therefore casual or risk-averse players should adopt a flat betting system, which leverage the same stake and respects the random nature of each spin. Similarly, they should look for tangible ways of increasing their chances of winning, by prioritising European Roulette which has a low house edge of 2.7% and covering as much of the wheel as possible with their wagers.

Similarly, backing even money or 1:1 wagers such as odds, evens, red or black also optimises your chance of securing frequent wins, which is crucial if you hope to build returns over a prolonged period of time and ultimately fulfil your goal to win something big as a jackpot.