How To Play Golden Games Pokies To Win Jackpots?

How to play golden games pokies

Golden Games is the wonderful video pokies to try your hand on gaming device be it mobile or PC and win Jackpots. This video pokies features 25 paylines that spread out across five reels and is based around the theme of sporting tournaments such as the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. Golden Games offers players a wide range of betting options as well as an array of interesting features such as free spins, bonus round, scatter and wild symbols making it a great companion to mobile baccarat games.

Punters who have their eye on first prize and winning a gold medal can make things even more interesting by adjusting the bet level, the number of active paylines and bet per line. Used strategically, this could see players heading for a podium finish in record time.

Sports Championship Theme

Golden games online pokies games
Golden games online pokies

The theme of this online pokies pays homage to sporting championships and features a range of sports-related symbols and iconography. Some of the sporting disciplines highlighted in the Golden Games include popular sporting events such as cycling, running, discus, fencing and swimming. Players will also encounter symbols such as a basketball and tennis racket on the reels. If you’re a sports fanatic, you’re bound to come across at least one of your favourite sports while playing Golden Games.

Golden Games Standard Reel Symbols

The standard reel symbols featured in the Golden Games pokies can be divided into three main groups; lower-value, higher-value and special symbols.

The lower-value symbols share a similar design aesthetic and are represented as golden icons depicting a cyclist, fencer, swimmer, boxer and sprinter. Players who land three or more of the same reel symbols on an active payline will be awarded a payout.

Golden games online pokies games to play
There are several lower-value logos, which are golden symbols showing a cyclist, a fencer, a boxer, a swimmer and a sprinter.

The symbols in Golden Games accord with the general theme of competition. There are several lower-value logos, which are golden symbols showing a cyclist, a fencer, a boxer, a swimmer and a sprinter. These replace the traditional playing card icons, a fact that we can all celebrate! The best-paying of the low-value symbols is the golden cyclist: it pays 10 for three, 30 for four and 150 for five.

Other athletic symbols include a tennis racquet and ball; a basketball shooting towards the hoop; a handheld digital timer; and an Olympic barbell loaded with plates. The most valuable among these regular icons is the digital timer; it pays five for two, 25 for three, 75 for four and 500 for five-in-a-line. Next it’s the tennis racquet, supplying four for two, 20 for three, 60 for four and 400 for five.

Scatter, Wild and Free Spins Bonus

golden games pokies - Paytable
Golden games pokies – Paytable

There are no fewer than three unique symbols in Golden Games. They comprise a scatter, a wild and a bonus icon.

The wild is the Golden Games gold medal, and it is able to replace all symbols except its fellow special icons. It also pays generous sums to those who can find it on active paylines. Find two and you’ll be rewarded with 10 credits, find three to win 100, four to claim 1,000 and all five to trigger a gargantuan 10,000 pay-out.

The scatter is represented by a muscled athlete preparing to launch a discus. It pays generous multipliers, including 250 for five-in-a-line, but importantly, you can win pay-outs when scatters land in any configuration. In other words, they don’t have to form starting from the leftmost reel, nor do they need to play from left-to-right at all.

Lastly, the bonus icon is the gateway to free spins. You’ll win 20 free spins for finding the bonus symbol on reels one and five simultaneously, and not only that, but you’ll be awarded a 2x multiplier on all wins made during the free spins round.

Olympic gamble

Olympic game pokies
Olympic Gamble Feature

A win activates the Gamble button which, when clicked, initiates the ubiquitous Playtech risk feature, whereby you can bet winnings from your last spin to try and increase them. It’s a good ol’ fashioned guess-the-suit game. If you guess right, you double your money; if you guess wrong, the dealer wins and you forfeit everything in your account. Risky, certainly, but potentially lucrative.

Thus Golden Games is an excellent sports-themed video slot. Play it in an Olympic year, play it in any year: you can count on top graphics, brilliant game features, a wide range of betting options and an attractive jackpot.

Now visit any Australian friendly online casino with your gaming device be it mobile or PC to play this awesome  pokies in real time with real AUD.  All you need is to type the casino url on your gaming device be it mobile or PC safari browser and hit enter to access the casino to play this pokies in real time.


Q1. What is the special feature in this pokies games?

The gold medal is both the jackpot symbol and the wild symbol, and as a wild, it can substitute for any non-scatter or non-bonus symbol. The discus thrower is the scatter symbol, and it can pay out up to 250 times the line stake with five on the board. The Olympic torch is the bonus symbol, and when it appears on both the first and fifth reel, it awards 20 free spins with a X2 multiplier. Golden Games also has a gamble feature that lets player go double or nothing on up to $500 per winning spin.

Q2. What Jackpot will I win playing this pokies?

The line jackpot is 10,000, so if playing $50 per line, that jackpot can be as high as $500K, and it is possible to hit the jackpot on every active payline. For the penny player who activates all 25 lines, Golden Games can pay out as much as $2,500.

Q3. Why to play this pokies?

This pokies play fast, has a lucrative payout structure and the bonus opportunities are pretty straightforward.

Q4. What is the Coin Size In Golden Games?

Golden Games has coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $5, and players can bet up to 10 coins per line and choose how many lines to activate each spin. Therefore, the minimum bet is $0.01, the minimum bet to have all lines in play is $0.25 and the maximum bet is $1,250. Note that some casinos limit the top coin size to the default $1, which would make the top bet $250. The advantage of playing multiple coins per line is that payouts are determined by multiplying the line jackpot by the total line stake.