Top 6 Progressive Jackpot Table Games To Enjoy At Online Casinos

Top 6 Progressive Jackpot Table Games To Enjoy At Online Casinos

At any online casinos progressive jackpot games are one of the best features that punters look forward at to become instant millionaire. Even though it’s the pokies machines that punters and gamers craze for but there are a ton of table games that feature exciting progressive jackpots as well. Some of these games include Ultimate Texas Hold’Em, Blazing 7’s Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, Fortune Pai Gow and Progressive 3-Card Poker. Here are the top 6 Progressive Jackpot Table Games to Enjoy at online casinos.

You can play these games with real AUD or BTC at online casinos on your mobile or PC or tablet. Remember that you need to have a good WIFI connection or internet to play these games all smooth.  These games are not for free play and real money deposits is required.

1- Fortune Pai Gow Poker

Fortune Pai Gow Poker Progressive

Fortune Pai Gow poker is a progressive jackpot table games variant of standard game of Pai Gow Poker. This game allows each player to place a side bet before each hand in order to be eligible for the progressive jackpot. This side bet will cost you a total of $1 at various land and online casinos, while in some places it can reach up to $5 also.

Like most progressive jackpot games, Fortune Pai Gow rewards their progressive jackpot to anyone who hits the best hand possible. If you are unfamiliar with the game of Pai Gow you might expect this hand to be a royal flush but it is actually a seven-card straight flush. It does not matter which order your cards are in or whether there is a joker involved since you will be rewarded with 100% of the jackpot either way.

This progressive jackpot game also reward any player who hits five aces with 10% of the jackpot. You do not need to make any extra bets to be eligible for this smaller jackpot since it is included in the aforementioned 1$ side bet. The breakeven sweet spot that the jackpot must reach in order to make this game beatable is right around $243,000. However, you might spend a lifetime looking for a Fortune Pai Gow progressive jackpot that has reached this high. If you do find a jackpot this high, you will need to play on that table for quite a long time since a seven-card straight flush only shows up once every 676,066 hands.

2- Progressive 3-Card Poker

Progressive 3 card poker

Progressive 3-Card Poker game is another progressive jackpot table games. Here you will need to make a $1 side bet at the beginning of each hand. After each hand, a small percentage of all wagers will be added to the jackpot amount which is common in progressive jackpot games.

The only way to win the jackpot in Progressive 3-Card Poker is to hit a mini royal flush which consists of an ace, a king, and a queen. The only catch is that the royal flush must be in the suit of spades or you will not win the jackpot. The odds of hitting this jackpot is one in every 22,100 hands, which is pretty frequent compared to other games.

The breakeven point that this jackpot must reach in order for the house edge to become less than 0% depends on the specific paytable and how many players are at the table. For most pay tables, this breakeven point is approximately $11,000 and you can subtract $175 from that amount for each player at the table.

3- Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker

Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker

There are many different types of pay tables in existence for Caribbean Stud Poker progressive jackpot table games. They vary wildly as far as how the progressive jackpot is distributed. While some paytables only pay 100% of the jackpot for a royal flush, some tables also pay out 10% of the jackpot for a straight flush and 1%-5% of the jackpot to a four of a kind.

When it comes to the breakeven point that the jackpot must reach in order for the game to become profitable for the player, the amount can vary greatly depending on your payout table. This is no exaggeration since this range is anywhere from $29,000 to $425,000. It might seem like common sense, but the paytables that include percentage payouts for more than just a royal flush are the ones that have the lowest breakeven points.

4- Progressive Let It Ride

Progressive let it ride

Let It Ride is a common casino game that occasionally offers a progressive jackpot table game. In order to qualify for this progressive jackpot, you need to make a “Jackpot Bet” of $1 before each hand begins.

If you manage to hit a royal flush, which happens 0.0001539% of the time, then you will win 100% of the progressive jackpot amount that is displayed on the meter. If you land a straight flush, which happens 0.0013851% of the time, then you will be rewarded with 10% of the total progressive jackpot amount.

The breakeven point that this jackpot must reach before the house edge is negated is $142,161. While this might seem like a large amount, there have been many large jackpots in the past that caused the house edge to be diminished all the way down to -30%.

5- Progressive Blazing 7’s Blackjack

Progressive Blazing 7’s Blackjack

Blazing 7’s is a variation of blackjack  and a progressive jackpot table game that rewards a certain percentage of the progressive jackpot to those who make a special side bet and then hit a strong enough hand. The side bet that you need to make before every hand in order to be eligible for this progressive jackpot is usually between $1 and $5.

While these games will always use six decks, the pay tables will be quite different from casino to casino. This results in a wide range of possible breakeven points in this game and it all depends on which variation and pay table you are using.

The top hand on the pay table will always receive 100% of the jackpot, and the second best hand possible will receive 10% of the jackpot amount. The top hand is usually going to be three suited sevens or three diamond sevens, and the second-best hand is usually three suited sevens or three colored sevens.

The breakeven point that the jackpot must reach at a Blazing 7’s table before any player has an edge is always going to vary greatly depending on the pay table and the size of the side bet. The pattern that can be found here is that the smaller the side bet is, the less the breakeven point will be. You can easily deduce this by seeing that the range of jackpot breakeven points on a $1 side bet ranges from $20,000 to $100,000 while a $5 side bet features a $100,000 to $500,000 breakeven point range.

6- Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’Em

Ultimate Texas Hold’Em is a special variation of the popular poker game No Limit Hold’Em which commonly features a progressive jackpot. After you make the required side bet of either $1 or $5 you put yourself in the running to win a percentage of the progressive jackpot.

The only ways to win a piece of the progressive pie in Progressive Ultimate Texas Hold’Em are to hit a royal flush or a straight flush against the dealer. A royal flush will commonly pay 100% of the jackpot amount while a straight flush will usually pay 10% of the jackpot amount.

If you discount those top two hands, the return on this game is 53%. As you can imagine, this means that the jackpot’s breakeven point where the player starts to gain an advantage is going to be relatively high compared to other games. The $1 side bet will normally have a breakeven point of between $150,000 and $160,000 while the $5 side bet will usually have a breakeven point of between $750,000 and $800,000. (from casino sources)