Win Jackpot on Pokies at Casinos. What You Should Know

Jackpot Pokies

You are dreaming Big. You have gone crazy since you heard that casino pokies games award progressive jackpots that can change your world and life if you won them. Cool down and bring all your excitement back at the casino game you are playing and not on the reward at present. It is better to understand about the jackpot on pokies offered at online casinos before you start to dream about winning big.

So which pokies machine have you thought to choose. Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Moolah or just any random..anyway which ever pokies machine you choose you should know how to win the game.

Now digest some facts please…accept this that there is no guaranteed method of hitting the jackpot on a progressive pokies machine but certainly don’t lose heart as there are few tricks that can turn the odds a bit in your favour for winning the jackpot.

First important thing to know is that once a player has won the progressive jackpot on a given pokies machine, the value is re-set to a set minimum level and the process begins again. Like suppose player A has won $1,000,000 jackpot, the value could be reset to $500,000 and any following wagers placed will contribute to the pot from then on.

Remember but that it’s extremely unlikely although not impossible, for anyone to hit the jackpot straight away, so if you want to know how to hit jackpot at casino, avoid ones where it’s recently been hit.

As time goes on, and the jackpot level rises, a point known as break-even is reached, when the value of the jackpot makes it worth playing. Above this, the potential return of hitting the jackpot outweighs the risk to your funds of not hitting it. Just remember that everyone playing the game above the break-even point will have the same improved odds, and as many players will be playing with same strategy of waiting until this point has been reached, competition will get ever fiercer as the jackpot rises.

This doesn’t change the fact that playing progressive jackpot pokies beyond the break-even point is pretty much the only way of overcoming the House Edge, which is the profit each and every casino needs to make to stay in business.

The House Edge on a typical game is 2 – 3%, meaning that for every $100 wagered, the casino will earn $2 – 3 in profit, which pays for their software, their employees, licensing etc. Most games have a steady House Edge, including the majority of pokies games, but progressive jackpot pokies, above the break-even are a very rare exception, so if you are looking to make a genuine profit from playing online casino games, this could well be the way to go.

Now come to bonus. Using bonus funds is another recognised way to improve your odds of winning a progressive jackpot. You must have seen that online casinos will welcome new players with bonus money on first deposit, and the fact that you are playing with funds supplied by the casino dramatically reduces the amount of your own cash that you need to use for a set number of plays on a progressive pokies machine.

The online casino have Progressive Jackpots with bonus codes to and if you combine with knowledge on how to win at jackpot pokies games, you can use these funds to your advantage.

Progressive pokies odds vary depending on the machine being played, but generally the Return To Player (RTP) of a game will be in the 95 – 97% range, so the average amount players will win is $95 – 97 for every $100 staked. This of course, changes dramatically once the break-even is reached, and if you win the jackpot your RTP is many 1000%.

You might be now thinking as when a particular machine will hit the jackpot. It depends on how many players have played on it and how big the jackpot size of that particular game is. Some games offer only few thousand dollars of progressive jackpot prize or so can pay out, as an average, weekly or more, but pokies such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, where jackpots can be $5 – $10 million or more will be hit once or twice a year.

So you always have a chance to win something when playing pokies. The bigger ones have huge jackpots but if you do not come to hit the big you will still have something to win. The big jackpot progressive pokies have great features, bonus rounds, free spins and if you master that pokies machine and grab it at the right moment when it is about to hit you can certainly be a winner too.