Genie Jackpots – The Pokies Game That Allows to You to Win With Wonderful Bonus Features

Genie Jackpot

Genie Jackpots is the name of famous pokies game being loved by the casino players. The Genie here allows you to make a wish and honestly your wish would be to win the jackpot. Like any other pokies game this game too have standard symbols, letters and all, as well as several bonus games and a progressive jackpot, as the name would suggest.

You will feel the presence of the genie when you see the three lamps in the 3 wishes power spin that will give you one of five different genie based bonuses. The game also features a monkey wearing a funny little costume up and down on the screen.

You will also see that the background of this pokies does really make you feel that “Oh where is the genie” or “when will genie come” amidst the stormy purple sky possibly caused by genies appearing left, right and centre.

Genie Jackpots has five reels and a set number of 20 win lines. You’ll choose your total bet for the spin and then hit the spin button found on top of the golden lamp.

The symbols in Genie Jackpot

Genie Jackpot

The sparkly title of the game sits above the reels, these featuring many symbols associated with the genie theme, including the genies hat, scimitars, a treasure chest and a flying carpet. These symbols are joined by the colourful playing card symbols from 10 to Ace. The game has an animated cartoon feel at times, although this is not immediately evident during standard gameplay but comes into play more during the features.

Wins are achieved by landing three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on one of the 20 win lines, although as a bonus, the wild symbol and the title symbol will actually pay out for landing just two. The wild symbol is the top paying one, winning you 500 coins for five in a row. The wild will also substitute for any other symbol apart from the bonus symbols. The title symbol (this symbol is stacked so the wins can come in clusters) is next at 400 coins while the genie’s hat, the lamp and the scimitars come next at 300, 250 and 250 coins respectively and the playing cards symbols are the lowest paying of all.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Genie Jackpot

There are three different bonus/scatter symbols in the game which activate different bonus games, as well as a random bonus feature which gives you the opportunity to win the progressive jackpot, if you’re lucky. The Mystery Win Bonus, triggered by getting two regular Bonus symbols and a chest, will allow you to open the Genie’s chest and claim whatever prize is inside, up to 100 times your bet. Though not a great bonus, but it works. The bonus feature works similarly – whenever it triggers (which, again, can happen randomly at any point regardless of the symbols) you get to pick a wish from several clouds. It can be a big win, a reel turning into a Wild, one of the bonus games -the big jackpot.

Genie Jackpots Features

Genie Jackpot

The game has three separate features – the first generated randomly, the other two by making use of the bonus symbols.

The randomly awarded feature is the three wishes power spin which can appear after any spin. You’ll see three lamps appear above the reels and choose one. You’ll win one of five bonuses:

There is the genie win spin that is guaranteed to award a big genie Jackpot win. The infectious monkey wild will turn other symbols surrounding the symbol wild too. The genie wild can turn any reel position into a wild. The penultimate prize is a guaranteed 5 of a kind win while the final option is direct entry into one of the bonus rounds.

The Magic Carpet bonus is awarded by landing the bonus symbols on reels one and three and the flying carpet symbol on reel five. Here you’ll be taken to a screen featuring a large number of flying carpets and the monkey. Reveal ‘Advance’ and he will travel along the carpets collecting prizes as he goes, but reveal ‘collect’ and the round is over. If you reach the ‘Big Money’ symbol you are guaranteed a big win – up to 1000x your total bet size.

Should you land the bonus symbol on reels one and three and the treasure chest symbol on reel five you’ll enter the mystery win bonus round. This time you’ll enter the genie’s cave and find a golden treasure chest with the genie himself floating to the right. The chest will reveal the win amount – up to 100x your total bet size at the slot.

Magic Carpet Bonus Explained

Genie Jackpot

The Magic Carpet bonus consists of two rounds. At first, you need to guide a monkey jumping up the clouds by selecting the magic lamps scattered about. Each lamp will allow it to go up a certain number of spaces, like in a board game, while others will let it teleport way ahead, because that’s totally something that monkeys can do. Each subsequent step gives you a bonus multiplier to your initial bet, up to 40x. If you do manage to climb the cloud staircase and claim the 40x, though, you get to the second stage, which allows you to pick a flying carpet to land on and increase the multiplier up to 1000x your bet.

Genie Jackpot

Genie Jackpot therefore lets you win the Jackpot and with various bonus games and features let you grab tons of money. Even the major symbols in this pokies reward and since the jackpot and bonuses are all activated randomly, you have a much better chance of triggering them if you bet more often rather than by making bigger bets. The trick is to bet bigger and trigger the bonus game for some awesome wins in this pokies game.

You can play Genie Jackpot at any reputed online casino and have Genie fulfil your wish instantly.