Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Jackpot

Caribbean Draw Poker

Caribbean Draw Poker is one of the most-preferred 5-card online table games provided by RTG. The game has become extremely popular among players from all over the world thanks to the Progressive Jackpot it features.

The Jackpot pool in Caribbean Draw Poker is shared with two other online card games of RTG Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Hold’em Poker. The Caribbean Draw Poker jackpot is currently worth $144,540 (at the time of writing). On average, this jackpot pays out $104,340 every 35 days. It was last hit on 20 May 2016, awarding $153,688 at that time.

What is Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Jackpot?

Caribbean Draw Poker

Caribbean Draw Poker is currently one of the most-recommended and preferred table games provided by RTG. The fact that it offers a Progressive Jackpot is also considered a great advantage. The interface of the poker game is nothing special, really. The theme is pretty standard, with a simplistic look that also makes the game easy to operate.

The objective of the game is quite simple, actually – the player faces the dealer and needs to beat them with a better 5-card poker hand. The main principle of the game is “the best hand wins”. This basically means that the player only needs to beat the dealer.

How to play Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Jackpot?

Caribbean Draw Poker

You can play Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Jackpot at any RTG powered casino. Players are first required to make the “Ante” bet, which is an initial forced bet. The wager is placed in a special coin slot and qualifies the player for wining the Progressive Jackpot. Players are offered several monetary bets to choose from.

After making the Ante bet, the player must press the “Deal” button in order to start playing. Five cards are dealt between the player and the Dealer. Only one card of the Dealer’s hand is shown face up. Then, the player is required to decide whether they want to proceed, or not.

If the player decides to go on with the game, they are given the opportunity to choose two cards they want to exchange. The exchange will not cost them any more bets. In case that the player decides not to proceed, they need to choose the “Fold” option and the game is ended, with the player losing only their Ante bet.

However, if the player makes a decision to proceed, they may choose two cards to exchange. The same opportunity is given to the dealer, too. Then the Dealer’s hand is finally revealed and the game ends, with the best 5-card poker hand wins the pot.

In addition, the dealer is required to qualify for playing at all. If the dealer is not able to make at least the lowest 5-card poker hand, which in this case is a pair of eights, they are not allowed to play they hand. In such case, the player wins, and gets their ante bet back.

How to win Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Jackpot?

Caribbean Draw Poker Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot of the Caribbean Draw Poker is considered one of the most attractive features of the game. The payout players are granted with in case of winning the jackpot depends on their winning hand’s value.

Winning the Progressive Jackpot in the Caribbean Draw Poker does not depend on whether the dealer has managed to qualify or they have a better hand than the one of the player. The players need to be aware of the fact that they will win the entire jackpot or a part of it only in case they are dealt a Flush or any better hand without drawing any additional cards.

In case that the player draws additional cards in order to improve their initial hand, they will not win any money on the Progressive Jackpot, except for the case they are deal Four of a Kind.

The payouts of the Caribbean Draw Poker are as follows:

  • Getting a Flush is granted with $75
  • A Full House is estimated to $100
  • If the player manages to get Four of a Kind, they are granted with $500
  • In case of a Straight Flush, the player gets 10% of the progressive jackpot
  • The entire Progressive Jackpot is won if the player manages to make a Royal Flush hand