The Winner’s Club Scratch Platinum Progressive Jackpot

Winners Club

Winners Club Scratch is an instant win game designed by Playtech.  The game works just like a conventional offline scratch card.  You simply scratch the rub-off portion on the card and you win prizes. The Winner’s Club Scratch Platinum jackpot is currently worth $154,056 (at the time of writing). It was last hit on 27 May 2016, awarding $222,811 at that time. The objective of this exciting game is to find three identical symbols on the scratch-card and win a prize.

What is Winner’s Club Scratch Platinum Progressive Jackpot game about?

Winners Club

The general theme  of this game is based on a Classic Casino theme.  The idea of the game is to get 3 identical sums of money on the scratch card.  If you do this, you win that sum of money.  There are also Gold and Platinum Jackpot symbols.  If you get 3 of these, you win the Jackpot. Winners Club instant win games suit players who like thrills and excitement of fast game and also want the chance to win a huge jackpot.

The game is like any scratch card game.  This is important because in games that involve skill, you have to use optimal strategy to obtain the full value of the return to player percentage. In instant win games, where there is no skill, it’s impossible to make a mistake.  Therefore, you will always obtain full amount of equity that is indicated by the theoretical return to player percentage.

How to play the Winner’s Club Scratch Platinum Progressive Jackpot?

Winners Club Game

You can play this game at any online casino powered by Playtech. To play the game, select the level of the scratch game you wish to play by choosing Classic, Silver, Gold or Platinum and pick a card. You can also get a new set of cards by pressing the ’10 New Tickets’ button. Once you have picked your card, you can either scratch the card manually or clicking on the Scratch All button.

The minimum stake is $0.70 and the maximum is $7.  Winners Club Scratch is a progressive online scratchcard.  This means that you can win money just like a normal scratchcard.  In addition, there is also a progressive jackpot which means you can win a life-changing amount of money from this instant win card.

What are the features of Winner’s Club Scratch Platinum Progressive Jackpot?

Winners Club Game

The Winners Club scratch has four levels of play of which the first two can be played in the ‘Play for Fun’ mode and unlike most online scratchcard games, each level has a fixed wager. The four levels are Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum much like a credit card or a loyalty card. The Classic level can be played for 0.50 and has a maximum scratchcard jackpot of $5,000.

The second level in the Winners Club scratch game is Silver and is priced at $1 per card with a maximum win of $15,000. The Gold card has a wager of $2 per game and the maximum win on this round is a progressive jackpot which starts at a minimum $20,000. The fourth level is the Platinum which also features a progressive jackpot, except this one starts at a minimum of $50,000 which is won when you get three Jackpot symbols on the scratch card.

How to win Winner’s Club Scratch Platinum Progressive Jackpot?

Winners Club Progressive Jackpot

To win you need to get 3 identical symbols on a card and as a bonus, the Winners Club scratchcard has a Win Multiplier and by scratching this field you get to see the number that your winnings are multiplied by, in case your scratchcard contains three identical numbers. You have the option of selecting the Autoplay function and automating up to 99 rounds in this online scratchcards game, but can stop and revert back to the manual mode at any time. Remember the progressive jackpots are only enabled for real money wagers.