Jackpot Darts Progressive Jackpot

Jackpot Darts

Playtech’s Jackpot Darts game  will surprise you with excellent graphics, a very large progressive jackpot, and simple rules that are easy to understand. Start nailing the bulls-eye and you might be lucky enough to qualify and play for the progressive jackpot worth over $1 million.  Playing darts at the local bar sure is fun, but can you actually make any money there so if you are in it for the cash, then you’ll certainly fall in love with Jackpot Darts

In Jackpot Darts you don’t actually throw darts at the dartboard, instead, the software will simulate this process. This means that there is no skill involved, and you can pretty much conclude that this game is based entirely on luck.

The Jackpot Darts $3 jackpot is currently worth$280,726 9 (at the time of writing). On average, this jackpot pays out $305,127 every 476 days. It was last hit on, 23 June 2015, awarding $294,895 at that time.  So why the wait start the thrill and target your dart to the progressive jackpot.

What is Jackpot Dart Progressive game about?

Jackpot Darts

Like other notorious sport’s slots from Playtech, Jackpot Darts game actually has no reels. Jackpot Darts you can play at any online casino powered by Playtech and bet on the outcome of the throw of a dart. When you first load Jackpot Darts you will see a traditional looking dart board with a blackboard to the left which details the current throw. To the right are the various betting options and at the bottom is a record of your recent bets. The progressive jackpot total scrolls across the top of the screen. The RTP varies wildly from 90.88% with the progressive jackpot option selected up to 97.06% if you just bet on one double landing.

How to play Jackpot Dart Progressive Jackpot?

Jackpot Darts

Choose your bets via the Jackpot Darts game combinations available. Choose triple, double or single, and see what colour felt the dart will land on. A leaderboard will show previous throws and darts total, including total stake and win information.

Although your skills at the dartboard will not make a difference in this situation, you can still make a lot of money by playing Jackpot Darts. You have the opportunity to play a broad range of wagers that suit your budget and expectations. The game is pretty simple itself – the player gets to throw three darts at the dartboard. At the end of the round they will see whether they win or not. Of course, the throwing is done automatically, so there is no skill involved while playing Jackpot Darts by Playtech.

As for the bets, they can be between $0.01 and $100, so the player has a pretty rich choice when it comes to placing a wager. You can place a maximum of five bets per round, and you can get your bet multiplied up to 2000 times when the dart hits the bulls-eye more than once. The aim of the game is to predict the outcome of three thrown darts; there are a number of betting options available and the odds vary depending on the choice of wager. The basic choices are as follows:

  • Singles: bet whether the darts will hit on 1, 2 or 3 single fields.
  • Doubles: bet how many of the darts will hit the double sections found on the outer ring of the dartboard
  • Treble: bet how many of the darts will hit the triple sections on the inside of the board
  • Outer Bull: bet whether the darts will hit the section found outside of the bulls-eye.
  • Inner Bull: bet whether the darts will hit the bulls-eye.
  • Low, medium or high: this is a bit more sophisticated bet. In it, you must guess the approximate range between the areas which the three darts will hit.
  • 1-20 Singles: guess the exact areas (total of 20) which the three darts will hit

You can choose four different bets in total – the 1-20 singles counts as one bet for this purpose.

What are the features in Jackpot Dart Progressive Jackpot?

Jackpot Darts

There are betting features in this pokies game. You can Turbo Bet, Repeat Bet and Auto Bet x 1, all at the push of a button. It is also very simple wager the same as your last bet, all at the push of a button after your current game. A leaderboard will show previous throws and darts total, including total stake and win information.

How to win Jackpot Dart Progressive Jackpot?

Jackpot darts progressive jackpot

These are the small bets that you can win, but there is also a chance to win the major progressive jackpot . You must opt in to the progressive jackpot game by selecting the ‘Jackpot’ option on the right hand side. You are now buying an extra bet which involves the outer ring/bullseye and the payouts are as follows:

  • One outer ring/bullseye – 20x stake
  • Two outer rings/bullseye – 2000x stake
  • Three outer rings/bullseye – jackpot win

So the player needs to select one of the above options, and then have three of his darts hit the bulls-eye in a row. The chances of this happening are very low, but it has to happen some day for the lucky winner. In order to have a chance at competing for the progressive jackpot, the player must place a minimum wager of $3. If the player meets the requirements for the progressive jackpot, but has placed a smaller wager say $1 or $2, then they’ll win one of the smaller progressive jackpots offered by Playtech’s game.