Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune from Net Entertainment holds the current world record for the single biggest online Pokies jackpot, an astounding $17.9 win. The progressive jackpot is usually well over $2 Million, and is linked between casinos which host this Pokies ensuring that it grows very quickly. This is not the newest Pokies, though it is very easy to play, and has smaller jackpots as well as the big one via a spinning wheel bonus game.

The Mega Fortune jackpot is currently worth $760,994 (at the time of writing). On average, this jackpot pays out $3,219,583 every 62 days. It was last hit on 14 May 2016, awarding $3,537,698 at that time. You can win the jackpot with any amount you play, though your chances are proportional to the bet size you choose.

Mega Fortune created a mega millionaire in January 2013 with the biggest ever payout win recorded. This was paid in one lump sum to the lucky winner from Finland who scooped a mega $17.8 Million.

What is Mega Fortune Jackpot game about?

Mega Fortune

This jackpot game is 5 reeled, 25 line video Pokies. You can choose the number of lines the level  that is bet multiplier and the size of your coin. The smallest bet is 25c, with the max 25 lines, 50c bets and level 4 being $ 50 per spin.

All symbols in this pokies are synonymous with wealth and what you might expect a mega rich life to include. With a backdrop of a luxurious paradise, the roll symbols include bottles of champagne, diamond rings, designer watches and wads of cash. Every aspect of the Mega Fortune Pokies game shows quality and the light sounds effects and music also compliment the rich theme.

Apart from the impressive Mega Jackpot payouts, Mega Fortune also trumpets a general Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 96.6% which is remarkably high. Netent first released the Mega Fortune Pokies game in mid-2009, and to keep Mega Fortune for the elite game player, only online casinos which meet set criteria are able to offer Mega Fortune on their site.

How to play Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot?

Mega Fortune How to play

As said above you can start playing with as low as 25c at online casinos powered by NetEnt. This game has a specific mobile version as part of the NetEnt touch range which pioneered games designed to operate on both iOS (Apple) and Android devices. There is no traditional PC or Mac download for Mega Fortune These work responsively in your browser, adapting to your screen size and mouse / touch screen controls.

In this pokies game the standard winning symbols are the signs of wealth. The best paying are the stretch Limo, watch and jeweled money clip. The lower payers are rings with letters representing the playing card symbols. There are wild symbols with a speed boat symbol, which pay out 10,000 coins for 5 in addition to substituting for all other symbols except for the bonus and scatters.

This game is made up of 3 concentric wheel of fortune type reels. You play the game by hitting a stop button below them (or waiting for the count down and auto spin if you prefer). The wheel then comes to a stop with the circle on the left showing the landing spot. This can either be a cash amount (in coins) or an arrow which moves you inward to the next wheel.

The process repeats, though the cash amounts are bigger and there are only 4 arrows pointing into the next wheel. You can hit the Rapid jackpot on the 2nd level, which is usually in the $100’s or low $1000’s. The3rd wheel you can hit the big progressive here if the wheel lands on the big jewel studded arrow. There are also other cash amounts, plus a Pokies for the middle (Major) jackpot  which can be in the 10’s of thousands.

What are the features in Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot?

Mega Fortune Features

Besides symbols you will find the free spins and bonus feature. Scatters are not the highest paying (100 coins for 5 anywhere). They do start a free spins round if you hit 3 or more though. You can retrigger these, and will have a multiplier of up to 5x for the wins you hit – which can add up to a welcome bonus.

The bonus symbols are what you want to see in this game. Specifically these need to be in the first reels from the left on an active win-line. If you do hit these wheel signs, then you are taken to the bonus game and a chance of winning the big progressive jackpot, or the ‘Major’ or ‘Rapid’ smaller ones.

How to win Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot?

Mega Fortune Progressive Jackpot Wins

As mentioned you are able to win 3 progressive jackpots while playing Mega Fortune. Mega Fortune Rapid, and Major are local progressive jackpots, meaning that the jackpot amount of these are determined by players at any one casino. It’s a good idea therefore to search around to find which casino currently offers the highest Mega Fortune Rapid and Major jackpots for maximum value.

The big jackpot, or Mega Jackpot on the other hand is a pooled fund across all casinos that offer Mega Fortune. This means that the jackpot increases with every spin played in any casino, in any part of the world. Incredibly, this is won on average every 14 weeks and the average payout amount exceeds $4,000,000

To win the jackpot, you will first need to enter the bonus game. This can be achieved by spinning 3 of the bonus symbols in a win line combination. You will then be taken to the bonus game which is a wheel of fortune, 3 wheels to be precise. The first wheel consists of several coin values and you or an arrow to move into the next wheel, simply click stop to play. The next wheel again gives the chance of coins, and to move into the next wheel, but also the chance to win the Mega Fortune Rapid Jackpot. The following wheel again the same, but the Major jackpot. If you land on the Mega Fortune from this wheel – you have won the Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot. To achieve this, you will need to be playing on a 25 line win spin.