Keno Progressive Jackpot

Keno Jackpot

Keno is one of the most popular casino games. NetEnt brings Keno progressive Jackpot game with simple and clear graphics and distinct sounds at different level of game. The progressive jackpot means that the amount to be won keeps increasing every time someone plays the game. The more people play, the more the jackpot increases which makes for an exciting game. In order to win the progressive jackpot, you must reveal the jackpot symbol which is 10 boxes in the shape of J. The amount of the jackpot you win is determined by how much you bet – obviously the higher you bet, the more you will cash in.

This game also known as Bonus Keno Jackpot is a popular game and was last won $78,543 back in August 2011. Although the progressive jackpot is not won too often, this only makes for an exciting jackpot as the amount really surges up over time. The Keno jackpot currently worth $50,366 (at the time of writing) and also remember this figure varies from casino to casino.

What is Keno Jackpot game about?

Keno Jackpot Game

Bonus Keno Jackpot offers a fair return to player (RTP) percentage as do all other NetEnt games. For this particular game, the RTP percentage is set at approximately 88.5% which is competitive with other RTP percentages within the industry. With its cool 80’s style graphics, you really get the feeling you are playing an authentic Vegas casino game.

The simple game to play you will find the game board takes centre stage with an easy view of your game history and pay table to either side. You can keep an eye on the progressive jackpot too in to the top corner whilst you enjoy each round.

How to play Keno Progressive Jackpot?

Keno How to Play

Bonus Keno is played like a standard lottery version of the game. Players will get a Keno card that contains 80 numbers. The game will automatically draw 20 numbers and the goal is to match as many numbers as possible. Players can bet on 1 to 10 numbers per card. All payouts will be automatically added to the account and players will have the chance to win a progressive payout through the game bonus round. With Bonus Keno, there is a bonus game that is won by getting five or more Jokers. At the top of the screen, the number of jokers won will be displayed.

What are the features in Keno Progressive Jackpot?

When you start the play you will find a game card of 80 numbered boxes in which you have the choice of selecting 5 or 10 numbers. When the game starts, so does the anticipation as you hope to get at least 2 – 10 of the shots land on your chosen numbers. Depending on how many numbers you have picked to play and how much you have chosen to bet, the amount you can win will vary. If you cannot do manually then  you can select ‘Auto Pick’ and within an instant, your numbers are selected . To ensure you’re happy with your selected numbers, you can opt to have them auto picked again before you start the game. If you keep playing and tire of the same numbers, you can click the ‘Clear’ button and will refresh the game card to allow you to select a new set of all important numbers.

What makes the game even more thrilling is the chance of one or more of your selected numbers being picked by the joker. The image will pop up in place of where the number was and add to the bonus section in the top left hand corner of the game board. If you manage to win 5 jokers in total, you will have the chance to play a bonus round. What’s truly great is the jokers won will stay even if you leave the game and log in again. Your wins are doubled during this free bonus round, not the jackpot however.

How to win the Keno Progressive Jackpot?

Keno Progressive Jackpot

To win the highest amount in the game, players who enter the bonus round will be ahead of the game. During this round, all payouts are doubled with the exception of the jackpot amount. The progressive jackpot will grow with every wager on the game and this is won when the numbers drawn reveal a jackpot symbol. There will be 10 boxes on the screen that form the letter J. The amount of the jackpot win will depend on the bet amount for the game. Players who bet $1 will win 20%, those that bet $2 win 40%, $3 bets win 60%, $4 bets win 80% and $5 bets will win 100% of the jackpot.