Cyberstud Poker Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud Poker is a progressive jackpot casino game from Microgaming. In this poker game if you are lucky to get a royal flush then you win the jackpot. The Cyberstud Poker jackpot is currently worth $132,630 (at the time of writing). On average, this jackpot pays out $157,344 every 168 days. It was last hit on 22 September 2015, awarding $90,209 at that time.  Though Jackpot is not hot often but when it becomes lucky for someone it rewards the highest.

What is Cyberstud Poker game about?

Progressive Cyberstud Poker is an enjoyable video poker game that enhances standard Cyberstud Poker, also known as Caribbean Stud Poker, with a progressive jackpot. In addition to your regular wager, a compulsory 1 credit Jackpot Bet is automatically placed for you by the house; put together a Royal Flush and you will reap the reward. The game pays out on all hands starting with an Ace – King combo. The payouts in this game are made according to standard poker hands.

Progressive Cyberstud Poker makes use of a standard 52 card deck with none of the cards acting as wilds. You  will need to use all cards dealt to you in order to create the highest ranking poker hand possible, and you are permitted to discard and draw up to as many as five cards.

The game is based on basic video poker rules; however it is an Ace – King combination that starts the payouts. A Royal Flush of any suit will win the entire progressive jackpot, with no need to worry about betting the maximum number of coins as the casino automatically places a special jackpot bet for you. Hands from a Flush through to a Straight Flush will win a portion of the progressive amount.

How to play Cyberstud Poker Progressive Jackpot?

Cyberstud Poker Game

Progressive Cyberstud Poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, with no wild cards. The cards are shuffled before each and every deal, and so they come out randomly. The objective in this game is to compile the best five-card hand possible. In that way it is exactly like the standard game of Cyberstud Poker. The difference in this game is that there is a bet of fixed value that is attached to each hand you play, which qualifies you for the progressive jackpot.
In the game interface there are controls across the bottom giving you the option to “Hold,” “Call” and, of course, “Deal,” which basically gets the thing started. There is a mandatory “side bet” of one credit before each round of play starts, as well as an ante bet of one unit, the amount of which is determined by your coin size.

When you click “Deal,” you are dealt five cards, while the dealer receives only one card. You can make the decision after you receive your cards as to whether you want to continue playing the hand or fold. If you fold, you will lose that ante bet. If you elect to play the hand out, you place a wager out in front of your ante. After that, the dealer will receive four additional cards and the winner is determined based on who has the better hand. If the dealer’s hand does not include at least an Ace-King combo in terms of standard poker value, he doesn’t qualify and you will win your wager automatically.

If the dealer qualifies, the hand is played out and you win, you’ll be paid according to the game’s payout table, plus you’ll be returned an amount of double the ante wager. The one-unit mandatory bet that is made before each hand is dealt out goes into a progressive “fund” which will pay out at such time as the progressive jackpot is won. The jackpot figure is atop the interface at all times.

How to win Cyberstud Poker Progressive Jackpot?

Cyberstud Poker Wins

Winning the progressive jackpot you need to be dealt a Royal Flush. Only a Royal Flush that is the 10, Jack, Queen, King and an Ace of the same suit triggers the full progressive win, although you can win other jackpots available for other hands.

A straight flush of any five consecutive cards of the same suit pays out 20,000 credits, four of a kind pays out 500 credits, a full house is 100 credits and a flush is 50 credits.

What is exciting is that these progressive payouts are paid to the player in addition to the wins they achieve from the base game. So if for example you win a hand against the dealer by landing a full house, you would win a 14-1 payout from your Call bet, an even money payout from your Ante, plus 100 credits from the progressive jackpot for your 1 credit progressive jackpot bet.