Megabucks Progressive Jackpot

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Megabucks, created by International Game Technology (IGT), may well be the most famous pokies machine in the world today. Megabucks developed by IGT can be found at online casinos specially also played at Nevada and Las Vegas. This almost certainly the largest jackpot pokies in the world, but it was also the first one to link machines from many different casinos in an effort to generate the largest reward possible.

What is Megabucks game about?

In the 5 reel Megabucks game there are a few minor variations. Firstly, are the mini progressives in the form of mini-bucks, minor-bucks, major-bucks and max bucks. These are awarded when you hit 2 or more progressive jackpot symbols on a spin that turn into a gold bar and take up the entire reel. The prizes range from $10 – $500 for hitting 2 or more on a single spin. The longer time these prizes aren’t won, the bigger the prize for hitting them, as they increase during each spin of the reels. Cabinets come in red, green (Megabucks Emerald 7s) and yellow, though blue is commonly found too in the Megabucks Wild Sapphires game which is in fact a 6 reel pokies with a 3-reel “Mega Game” above the standard reels. There are a number of other variations too including Megabucks pink diamonds, triple diamond strike and a Wheel of Fortune style game.

How to Play Megabucks Progressive Jackpot?

Megabucks how to play

In order to play Megabucks, you’ll first need to head on down to the nearest casino that offers the pokies machine. The next step is to put some money into the machine. While the machines can be a themed slightly differently, this game is typically a standard three-reel pokies machine with a single payline. You can play up to three coins on each spin, each of which will cost you $1 to play. The game also comes in 5 reel format.

In most ways, this is a pretty standard machine. You’ll want to match symbols so that you can get a three-of-a-kind across the payline, with the standard cherries, bars and sevens appearing on the reels. The symbol you’re really looking for is the Megabucks symbol, as three of those will earn you the biggest prizes in the game.

How to win Megabucks Progressive Jackpot?

Mega Bucks Progressive Jackpot

To aim for winning the Megabucks progressive jackpot you must bet all three coins or $3 on a spin, and then hit the three Megabucks symbols right across your payline. It’s as simple as that: hit the combination, and you’ll be taking home the prize of a lifetime.

The machine has given out over $20 million on several occasions now, and the average amount is said to be a little more than $15 million. It is but not very likely to win this jackpot often as the odds of hitting the three logos are 1 in 49,836,032 and the players have a 1/368 chance of hitting the Megabucks logo symbol on each reel every time they spin. Finally, it is worth noting that the millions will be paid out as an annuity over the course of 25 years.