How to Win Million Dollar Jackpot in Pokies at Casinos?

How to win Million Dollar Jackpot

Million dollar Jackpot is quite a sum to win while playing pokies at casinos. Though easy and lucrative it may sound, it’s not that easy to crack the jackpot. But if luck is on your side and you are destined to win this huge jackpot prize then it can happen in pokies, the game of chance. After all jackpot pokies like Mega Moolah have made many millionaires across the globe.

Generally to win a million dollar jackpot in a pokie machine you need to take care of certain things. There is no skill or strategy but to remember few points when you hop to the casino to play Jackpot pokies.

  • You will have to check what the Return to Player (RTP) rates are.
  • Check the casino’s paying habits
  • Find the number of people who won the million dollar jackpot at the particular casino
  • Pokies that offer million dollar jackpot
  • Look at the fairness of the pokies game and the casino
RTP of Jackpot pokies

Note that pokies are largely dependent on luck. No amount of gaming experience will be able to make up for that. However, understanding key metrics, such as probabilities, may actually help you calculate the odds and probable outcomes. There are many inspirational stories on successfully crunching the numbers.

Avoid easy to play pokies as the easier a pokie the more winnings it dishs out giving you the less chance to win the huge jackpot amount.

Obtaining the exact numbers on any pokies  isn’t so difficult if you know the number of winning combinations and the number of total combinations. For example, if you have a three-reeler with six symbols on each pokies then to find the outcome you need to multiple 6*6*6 for a total of 216. This is the number of your winning combinations. Now, to crunch the numbers of you actually winning the pot, you need to divide this by the number of total available combinations. The result would most likely be a whopping number that will quickly sink your chances of winning, probably your confidence too.

The best advise by experts for new players is to choose a pokie with a small jackpot prize.  Though for a high roller a smaller Jackpot should not be because a game is particularly unlikely to yield return.

Manage your bankroll

You need to manage your bankroll. Make sure you only stick to pokies games that do not require a ridiculously high entry level. Though an exact percentage is difficult to give, people tend to wager at 2% of their bankroll per bet, which is generally considered safe. Overall, you can spin 50 times, assuming everything you have deposited has been lost. By keeping track of your money, you will at least not blind yourself of the implications of gambling. Whether you win million dollar jackpot or not you still have some money saved to be a millionaire in the end. No

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