Five myths busted about online Pokies and their jackpots

Progressive Jackpot

You must be wondering do pokies also have myths. Yes like all other industry casino business too have some myths and half truths that most of you must be unaware of. You must having that belief about online pokies machines that they pay out for sure and progressive jackpots only pay out at certain levels.

Like every rumour these myths too propagate widely among casino players. If one player believes something the whole lot of players follow the same notion. Therefore most players at casino believe that pokies games at casinos are loaded with sure wins.

Here’s are five myths busted about online pokies and their jackpots

Myth #1- A progressive jackpot is ‘going to be won very shortly’ or ‘won’t be won for a while as it has just been won’ at online pokies

This is you might hear often from casino staff or from your player friends. You might believe this myth and think this statement as a “winning formula” for winning on the pokies, or to win a big progressive jackpot.


: The fact is that Progressive jackpot above statement has nothing to do with winning the game. It is but that the longer a progressive jackpot goes without being won, the more likely it is to be won. Therefore, if a progressive jackpot has just been won on a particular game, then you should not play that game as it is unlikely the jackpot will be won again for some time.

Most of the online pokies at reputable casinos, are powered by software known as a random number generator (RNG). It is this which decides which symbols are displayed on every ‘spin’ of the reels. Every time you press a button, the pokies select a random number from all of those available.

So what this means is, regardless of when the last time the jackpot was won or not, every time somebody plays the game, they have the same chance of winning the jackpot as every other person before them, or playing after them.

Remember pokies is not a conscious entity or a human being; it does not ‘know’ when the last jackpot was won, nor does it know not to award a jackpot until it has reached a certain threshold. The process is entirely random otherwise this would be easily picked up by licensing bodies, such as eCogra.

Therefore nobody can know when a progressive jackpot is ‘ready to be won’ in the same way that a jackpot being won a short time previously is not an indicator that the jackpot will not now be won for some time and there is plenty of corroborative evidence for this from the online casino world.Given the RNG, a progressive jackpot could be won on the next spin, in the next week, month, year or longer. That is why it is random and that is why it is fair game.

Myth #2. Online pokies can run “hot” and “cold” at the casinos discretion

This myth states that casinos can manipulate games to make it appear as if it is ‘easy’ for a player to win and then when the player wagers more money on them, the games suddenly start losing, thus handing the casino a good amount of profit.


: Such weighting in the game would be very easy for licensing bodies to spot and furthermore, companies such as eCogra, which certify casinos as offering fair games, would easily spot this during their millions of trial runs of the gaming software.

While it is certainly true that casinos do not skew fair games in any way, that doesn’t mean a game cannot run through a period of payouts, or a relatively inactive period of payouts. The random nature of the games mean that there will be times when the game does tend to pay out more, or less, than usual.

That doesn’t mean the game is skewed in any way whatsoever, it is just further confirmation that the game is indeed random and fair.

Myth #3. You can only win the big online pokies jackpot prizes if you wager the large sum of money per spin

This is very widely populated myth for a player to belive that if he or she need to win the big jackpot prize they should need to wager the highest amount of money possible to give themselves a chance of winning the biggest prize.


: While games like Mega Moolah do offer staggered jackpots amounts based on your wager, there is no requirement that says you have to bet the largest amount to win a big prize and the best evidence of this comes, once again, from real life. You can find many Jackpot winning players with just a betting stake of 30p in a spin.

Myth #4. Online pokies machines only pay out once a player has paid so much into the machine/casino

The idea that a machine will only pay out to a player once they have paid so much into it, is an appealing myth After all, the casino isn’t in this to pay you money for playing, so it would want cash from you first before it offers you a decent pay out.


: As said above pokies games use independently verified random number generators. They do not recognise which player is playing or record how much they have paid into the pot before judging whether they deserve a payout.

Myth #5. You’ll never win money playing free spins/bonus cash with online pokies

This myth  makes you believe that if a casino offers you free bonus cash or free spins, that you’ll never win anything worthwhile with them. That the casino detect you are using their bonus money and will not allow you to win anything as a result.


: As an example in January 2014, a Dutch Punter won a jackpot of over a million Euros while playing the Major Millions progressive pokies from his mobile and he did not used a single cent of his own cash to play. For his birthday, his casino had sent him some bonus cash to play with on the site and the player was simply using up this cash when he landed his huge progressive jackpot win.

With all these common five myths circulating around casino players are just rumours. Online pokies are one of the most controlled and regulated forms of gaming that is offered online today.

You have as much chance to win on the next spin, as the next player who is playing or about to play, regardless of how much you are playing with, where your money has been sourced and how long ago it was from the last big payout. All this has nothing to do with your wins. You just concentrate on the progressive jackpot pokies game and enjoy playing. If you will be lucky enough you will win.