How to Find an Optimal Strategy for Progressive Jackpot Games


If you are looking for any optimal strategy for progressive jackpot games then the straight forward answer is you won’t find many strategies for progressive games. Like for pokies games there are no winning strategy or betting system which you can use to win over.

So if still interested to know an optimal strategy to play and win progressive jackpot game then keep on reading below.

Bet it. That’s right. You need to bet to win the jackpot. You must have heard that players hitting the magic combination, only to find out they only paid 1 or 4 credits, when the jackpot required was 5. So there’s one strategy that you can use to figure out the best time to play a progressive machine. But there’s a fair amount of math involved, and it’ll depend on the game you’re playing.

You need to figure out the breakeven point – the intersection of where there’s enough money in the jackpot relative to the odds of you hitting the winning combination. It’s at this point you’ll be at an advantage every bet you make. Every bet you make is profitable even when you lose a round.

This bet is called a positive bet by professional players and punters. So one thing you have to remember is that gambling’s all about the long run. The jackpot could hit in a couple hands, or it could take thousands, even tens of thousands of plays to hit.

Therefore if you stick to proper strategy for the game you’re playing, not only will you make money in the long and give yourself a fighting chance at winning the jackpot – you can still win money or even breakeven in the short run. It’s hard to lose.

Currency plays a role, too  especially when playing online. Many casinos let you play in multiple currencies, so the breakeven point and RTP can change depending on the currency you play in. That’s because the jackpot can be converted so that the same amount is paid out no matter the currency choice – but the wager required to play is not.

Wikipedia quotes in an example that consider a game that pays a $1000 / €900 / £700 jackpot, but requires a fixed $1 / €1 / £1 wager to qualify for the jackpot. In such cases, it is beneficial for the player to choose to play in dollars, as the qualifying wager is a smaller proportion of the jackpot. Thus the break-even point will always be lower and the return to player will always be higher while betting dollars.

Jackpot pokies

Figuring out the breakeven point is really only feasible for table games. That’s because you can figure out a specific outcome, like the odds of hitting a royal flush or four-of-a-kind. That’s near impossible to do for pokies since you need to know how much the reels are weighted, the position of every symbol on every wheel, and more. Then cross reference that to a pay table and that’s only if you can get the information from the manufacturer.

There are teams of people who look for progressive games with a player advantage. They’ll usually occupy these games, working in shifts and calling in members when they need breaks. So you’ll be fighting for a seat against them. As an example in 2011, pro poker player Huck Seed won $670,000 playing video poker at the Aria. He played $100 per credit, five credits per hand, for a total of $500 per hand. But he bought a $40,000 ticket so he could avoid the hassle of manually feeding the machine 400 hundred dollar bills.

With everything he won and earned, between the jackpot, comps and the high rate of hands he played per hour, it’s estimated his positive bet was in the range of $1,500 per hour.

Also note that Jackpots are usually paid by the game developer (even though you may get paid directly from the casino). One reason why it happens like this is so that a small casino won’t have to handle the losses of a massive payout. Especially when you figure that linked progressives were built from customers playing at multiple casinos.

Payments are usually made in one installment, on the spot. But this depends on where you play, too especially if you play online. Many online casinos have limits on how much they allow people to withdraw at once, whether it’s on a weekly or monthly basis, or both. This can be something like $2-3,000 per week and/or $5,000 to $20,000 per month.

But if you win a $100,000 or $1,000,000 jackpot, you’re going to have to wait a long time before you’re able to cash all of your money out. It can take months, if not years. Most online casinos don’t have the shelf life for payments to make sense. it’s just too big a risk. But it’s a pretty common rule.

Some online casinos do make an exception – they’ll pay you out in full if you hit a progressive jackpot. Also few other casinos, have large enough cash out limits to where you can withdraw several million in the span of a few months.

Progressive jackpots are fun to play and better to win. But you need the bankroll to play them, you’ll have a large selection of games and variations to play that can pay out life altering sums of money, no matter what casino you join – offline or online casino but note that play what you can afford and do not play what you cannot think or bear of losing.