Top Seven $1 Jackpot Pokies To Win

Top seven $1 jackpot pokies to win

Jackpot pokies are simply wonderful to spin. It’s because they come with a handsome prize to win. Generally, these jackpot pokies want you to bet maximum and above $100 or so to win the game. But there are many such jackpot pokies that don’t demand high stake gambling or betting and you can play and win with a dollar or less.

Suppose you spin such a low stake progressive pokies and you win huge; then obviously you will go crazy. Right!

Progressive games that allow you to make bets for a dollar or less are therefore a good way to play and make most out of your money. As you keep winning, you also get a chance of getting into the jackpot win. Wanna know such pokies where you will get a superb win in just few cents or a dollar? Then keep on reading below and find the top seven $1 jackpot pokies to win.

Top Seven $1 Jackpot Pokies To Win

1. Elvis

Top seven $1 jackpot pokies to win- Elvis
Elvis Pokies

Elvis isn’t only known for rock and roll, he is the icon of the classic Vegas. The Elvis game jackpot starts at $ 100,000 costing 25 cents for a spin. You then become eligible for jackpot when you make the maximum bet which will set you back 75 cents.

Elvis pokies is powered by WMS gaming and has awesome features. When you hit the free spins bonus in Elvis pokies, this is where the real fun begins. The big thing about the bonus, is that the first block of four symbols or both if you are really lucky are all the same icon.

This means you get some chances to win really big, especially if the symbols that you have filling those boxes are high value ones like Elvis himself, for example, which has a very high money value.

The best bonuses are when the wild symbols are filling up the boxes, so this would mean that all free spins are winning spins.

2. Wheel of Fortune

Top seven $1 jackpot pokies to win- Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune Pokies

Wheel of Fortune pokies is powered by IGT.  No one pays jackpots like IGT. IGT launched Wheel of Fortune Slots in 1996 and solidified the Company’s leadership in Wide Area Progressive technology. Known as the most successful pokies title of all time, the fan-favorite theme has minted nearly 1,000 millionaires and delivered $3 billion in jackpots throughout its illustrious history. IGT has created more than 200 variations of the game that can be found on casino floors in more than 20 countries worldwide.

 The Wheel of Fortune pokies comes with betting levels of 25 cents, $1 and $ 5. In order to qualify for jackpot, you will only require 3 coins of 25 cents each. Of the three versions, the 25 cent variant will have the smallest payout. Players also have an option for choosing to receive their payouts in twenty five installments spread throughout the year. The jackpot is reset to $ 1,000,000.00 after a jackpot is hit.

3. Millionaire 777s 

Millionaire 777
Millionaire 777s pokies

 Millionaire 777s has a thing for providing more frequent payouts with players having a chance to win a million dollars for every 107th spin. The base jackpot for the Millionaire 777s is a million dollars.

 This game is the New Gold Standard Progressive pokies. With $1, a player can win $1 million. Imagine a progressive pokie that gives the player a chance to win $1 Million after every 107 spins. Or imagine, a pokie game that’s designed to pay you a million-dollar top award once in every 51 days. With more 500 games connected on the link and max coins played, this is how it is believed that the game is played, theoretically. The jackpot is reset to $ 1,000,000.00 after the jackpot is won.

4. Saturday Night Live

Saturday night live
Saturday night live pokies

Saturday Night Live Pokies is the most popular pokies because they have large variations of the game and a likelihood for large bonuses. The jackpot starts at $ 10, 000 on a single machine then builds up from there. Some machines are linked to a wide area or local network which raises the payouts significantly.

Powered by Bally Gaming these pokies machines come in a variety of formats and versions. The first games to be released under this title included The Coneheads, The Blues Brothers, The Church Lady, and Hanz and Franz among others. To go along with these, Wayne’s World pokies came around a few years later and are among the most played of all the Bally games.

Saturday Night Live pokies  are meant to entertain both new players and those who have been around the casino for years. No matter who you are it is safe to say that you have a favorite pokie skit. If you keep an open eye you may very well find this skit calling your name from a pokies machine. All Saturday Night Live pokies are part of a large progressive network that ensures large jackpots that often times exceed $100k

Saturday Night Live pokies machines are available in both 9 and 15 line format. Players do not have to bet a lot with these machines thanks to a startingSaturday Night Live Slots denomination of one cent. Even if you decide to bet a small amount, such as a penny, you still have the chance to win tens of thousands of dollars.  Each of the games has their own symbols that determine winners or losers while also entertaining along the way. For instance, The Wayne’s World version of the game features a guitar symbol which plays off of the famous television skit.

Every game has its own bonus feature. The Wayne’s World bonus game pays as much as 15 times your bet. Additionally, there is an added “Offer Feature” during the bonus round that pays 1,000x your line bet. The bonus game is based on the version you are playing, but all of them are a lot of fun and offer the chance to multiply your winnings.

As progressive machines, Saturday Night Live pokies offer huge jackpots. Every time a machine in the network is played the jackpot grows. It is not uncommon for the progressive jackpot to reach $100k or more. Even after somebody wins, the jackpot only resets to $10k so players always have something to chase.

5. Quartermania

Quatermania pokies
Quatermania pokies

Quartermania pokies is a wide-area networked progressive pokies  game. This progressive pokies game allows more frequent plays as it lowers the required bets while providing handsome payouts. The highest ever reported payout is about $180,000.

With a six-credit max bet, you can win one of three Mini-Mania progressives as well as the top Quartermania award. A free game bonus is also available!

6. Top Gun Pokies

Top Gun pokies
Top Gun pokies

Top Gun Pokies has great bonus features and interesting character in the video bonuses. The machine has entertaining sound effects and a huge jackpot of up to $ 1 million.

This is a classic video pokies game from WMS, with incredible arcade-style graphics, 3-D surround sound. More than that, Top Gun pokies has a built-in seat that actually shakes and moves when you play! One of the things people notice most about this game is the bonus feature, which sees you as the pilot in a movie style arcade game, collecting bonus points as you fly over and shoot your targets along the way.

Imagine sitting in the cockpit of an F-14 Fighter Jet gunning down enemy aircraft just like the pilots did in the classic movie “Top Gun”. Feel the rumble in the Bose Space Surround Sound Gaming chair as jets whiz by in true 24-bit color aided by the next generation graphics on the CPU-NXT2™ platform.

Experience a new form of gaming, sensory immersion gaming, that pulls you into the action and never lets you go until you’ve had your chance at piling up bonus credits and reaching the ultimate ranking of “Top Gun”!

The first thing that strikes you about this slot is that the way it’s set up to look and feel like a video game. This similarity to a video game becomes even greater when you play and you trigger one of the bonus features – seeing you flying through the sky in true video game fashion, collecting bonuses as you fly.

7. Sex and the City Pokies

Sex and the city
Sex and the city pokies

Sex and the City Pokies is quite popular with the ladies evidently because of the popular TV show from where the game gets its name. The visually appealing pokies machine is technically a penny pokies machine with plays costing much less than any other progressive games. Players also have a variation of play from the pokies which have 4 in 1 games of 50 cents each.

The most important thing to know when playing pokies is the minimum amount you need to place in order to qualify for the major jackpot. Do not be caught winning a lot of bets only to miss out on the main jackpot.

In addition to the Champagne and Diamonds bonus, you also have the opportunity to enter the Retail Therapy bonus or earn Sex and the City free spins! If you’re a fan of the show or just a fan of interactive gameplay, then there’s tons of fun to be had with Sex and the City Ultra. 

Remember all these Top seven $1 jackpot pokies to win can be found at land casinos in Vegas or elsewhere. Though many of them are now having their online version and can be found even at online casinos to play and win.