Play Bingo Progressive Jackpots. The 7 Choices You Can Have to Play

Bingo progressive jackpot games are different from the usual version of Bingo games, as huge prizes can be won if a card is completed within a set number of calls. While a few such games can be found at land based Bingo halls, the majority are at online casinos, with many Bingo Jackpot games with their own unique style and gameplay.

Though each game has variation in Jackpot prizes but you will love the huge reward it will pay you by just triggering a small bet size. In fact like all other progressive games which pay millions of dollars as Jackpot the progressive jackpot Bingo can be extremely rewarding too.

Let’s know about the seven game choices you can have to win Progressive Bingo Jackpots.

1. Pharaoh Bingo Progressive Jackpot

Pharoah Bingo

Pharaoh Bingo is developed by Microgaming and is a sixty ball bingo game that allows you to play up to 4 cards at the same time. Themed on an ancient pharaoh, ruler of Egypt you will find him standing  as a solemn guard over the bingo balls in this enjoyable bingo arcade game. In the background one can hear the mysterious Middle Eastern music are faintly heard in the background. You will feel as if you are visiting some historical site with brick work decorated with traditional Egyptian ankhs and scarabs.

When you start the game you will find the game screen containing 4 bingo cards each with a 5 by 3 grid. You need to wager to play for the progressive jackpot. You can start your coin size bet with$ 0.01 to $10.00 per card, and go max up to total wager of$40.00. Each card has fifteen numbers. Then click on the play button and release your 30 bingo balls. Object of the game is to duplicate one of the 14 different patterns shown on the game screen, which will pay out from 3x up to 10,000x for completely filling a card.

You will find an option to buy an extra ball for a randomly triggered price. You may purchase as many as 10 extra balls if you choose. Also you will find the possibility to rack up more than one win per game.

As each ball is drawn, the corresponding blocks are marked off, so it’s easy to see how close you are getting to a win, and if only one number is missing to complete a line, extra balls can be purchased for a better chance of a prize. The Pharaoh symbol will award extra free balls,

This is simple game for any player who wants a fun variation on the instant win theme. You have no need to keep track of which balls have been drawn – the game marks off the balls on your cards automatically.

2. Dynamite Bingo Progressive Jackpot

Dynamite Bingo

Dynamite Bingo is like the Minesweeper Game. But this is Bingo game with loads of winnings. Developed by Novomatic this is an interesting online Bingo Progressive Jackpot game.  This Bingo is a Latin American variation of bingo in which ninety balls numbered from one to ninety are used. During the gameplay, thirty of them are chosen. You can activate from one to four cards. Each of them has fifteen randomly selected numbers. It is allowed to shuffle cards if you are not satisfied with the offered ones. The ticket denominations are chosen by player. They vary from six to two and a half thousand credits. So, it is possible to wager up to ten thousand credits per round.

The main objective of the game is to mark off as many numbers on cards as possible. Technically, you need to select all of them. Payouts are credited for patters provided by the rules and formed from winning numbers in bingo tickets. The most valuable combination is called Bingo where all fifteen numbers are marked off. The multiplier of 1,500 is multiplied by the bet on a card. All patterns are described in the paytable, for you.

You select the number of cards and bet sizes for each of them. Then start a new round by clicking on the appropriate button on the control panel. Soon a miner pumps out thirty numbered balls. They are automatically marked off on cards.

If paid patterns are formed, payouts are credited for them. If combinations some miss numbers, they can be purchased. The price is determined in each case individually. It depends on a pattern that can be collected and bet size. It is possible to purchase up to ten balls. As soon as the player has decided to finish the round, he or she collects a payout using a special button on the panel.

There is a bonus round in the game.  To take part in the bonus round, it is necessary to collect one of the two highest-ranking combinations: Bingo or Bonus. You will have to blow up sticks of dynamite and receive payouts.
Dynamite Bingo offers a progressive jackpot whose amount increases with each bet made by the player. Moreover, its size depends on the current bet. To get the jackpot, you need to collect the highest-ranking pattern on the screen by using less than thirty balls.

The number of active cards and bet sizes for each of them are selected by means of special elements on the control panel. There are buttons that adjust the game speed from the right side. As soon the balls start appearing, you will see another button that instantly stops this process. Then an offer to buy extra balls or to collect your payout shows up.  A button with crossed arrows changes cards on the screen.
The rules explain features of the formation of patterns and provide information about common terms and conditions. Some aspects are described in detail in the section Help.
In the upper part of the screen you can notice a scheme for the formation of patterns. The amount of progressive jackpot (taking into consideration the current bet) is also shown there.
Options allow disabling the music and sound effects. Thus you have an opportunity to select the screen size.
To play you just got to an online casino and directly play on the browser as there is no need to download Dynamite Bingo.

3. Nine Balls Bingo Progressive Jackpot

Nine Ball Bingo

Nineballs Bingo  from Novomatic is a free online bingo with ninety numbered balls. During the game thirty three balls are taken out from the reel. These numbers are marked in the cards. The interface of Nineballs Bingo online bingo is convenient and user-friendly, so you can easily study it out and learn the rules of the game.

The main part of the bingo screen is covered with a field, where the cards are situated at. The balls appear in the special window, which is situated above. Over the window you can see amounts of the potential payoffs, calculated by the current bet, as well as an amount of the progressive jackpot.

At the control panel of Nineballs Bingo you would see logical and clear control elements. To select a quantity of cards and an amount of the bet per each of them, the special windows with buttons are provided. You can mix cards and receive new. There are two mode of speed of the game, as well as automatic bets function. Right in Nineballs Bingo there is a window with short rules. The particularities of this game are explained in the special informational section in details.

There are almost no user’s settings in Nineballs Bingo. It is possible to switch off the spun and select size of the screen. It is not necessary to download Nineballs Bingo online bingo, because it can be played straight in the browser.

The aim of the game in Nineballs Bingo is to fill one, two or three lines in one or several cards. If you outline one line, the payoff is calculated by x4 index ;the calculation is made by the bet per one card. The winning for two lines is x100, while for three lines that is the whole card it is x1000.

Playing bingo is possible in range from one to four cards. The acceptable bet per each of the cards is in range from ten credits to two and half thousand credits. The maximal bet per round can reach ten thousand credits.

In Nineballs Bingo you can buy up up to nine additional balls in case one number is missed to fill two or three lines. The payment for this service is different depending on the situation. The gambling feature is not provided by the rules of Nineballs Bingo, that’s why the total payoff is immediately transferred to the player’s account.

There are no bonus payouts or free lotteries in Nineballs Bingo online game. A progressive jackpot (6000x jackpot)which amount is increased due to the small deductions from every bet staked by the players, is raffled in Nineballs Bingo online bingo. It can be won only in the game for the real money. To receive it, you have to make bingo using up to thirty balls.

4. Silver Ball Bingo Progressive Jackpot

Silver Ball Bingo

Silverball Bingo is a free online bingo from Novomatic, where ninety balls, numbered in order are used. The balls appear from the sphere, where the flashlights are burning. Thirty balls, selected by the random numbers generator, are dropped out in one round.

The interface is simple to use and the control panel is intuitively clear. There is a section with rules and an automatic game mode. You can select a quantity of cards on your own and can even mix it. To change all the lottery tickets, use the special button at the control panel. It is possible to change tickets one by one clicking at it. The balls appear in the sphere, which is situated in the top part of the screen. Then the balls are dropped out between the pairs of the cards and fill all the empty space. The button of purchasing the missed balls appears at the screen only in situations when it can be used. Silverball bingo can be played at online casinos and no download is required as it can be played directly from your browser.

Playing Silverball Bingo is possible by one, two, three or four cards. The bets per cards have to be the same in range from ten credits to two thousands and half credits. This way the maximal bet per round can reach ten thousand credits. It is possible to stake equal amounts at the used cards.

The aim of the game in Silverball Bingo is to collect one, two or three lines in the card. The winning amount per one filled line is calculated by x4 index, for two lines by x100 index and by x1000 for the whole card.

The gameplay of Silverball Bingo is extremely simple. You indicate the quantity of tickets you want to play by, select an amount of the bet and launch the round. Then the balls would appear at the screen. Its numbers would be automatically marked in the cards. In case some tickets are the winning, the payoffs are immediately transferred to the player’s account.

If you miss just one number to fill a pair of lines or the whole card, it is possible to buy up to eight extra balls. Its cost is different in every special situation. The bonus rounds or prize payoffs are not raffled by the rules of Silverball Bingo online bingo.
A progressive jackpot is raffled in Silverball Bingo online bingo game. To become its owner, it is necessary to collect bingo using up to thirty balls. An amount of the jackpot is increased with every bet, staked by the player. Of course, it is possible to win it only playing by the real bets.

5. 90 Ball Bingo Progressive Jackpot

90 Ball Bingo

90 Ball bingo games is one of the three online bingo variations that you can enjoy at various online bingo rooms. In 90 Ball bingo games, there are 90 balls available in the bingo during each numbers 1 to 90. Each bingo ticket will have 15 numbers printed on it and the numbers are printed in a three line format with each line having 5 random numbers. According to the way the numbers are distributed on the ticket, this creates a magnitude of permutations with each ticket having a set of unique numbers sequence that is completed unique from one another.

With 90 Ball bingo games, you would have to purchase at least one bingo ticket to commence game play. The price of the ticket will vary depending on the bingo room and this can start from as little as $0.01 up to $1.00 and at times the tickets can be obtained free of charge and still have an opportunity of winning cash prizes. Once you have purchased your bingo ticket, the game commences and when the countdown time reaches zero, the bingo numbers are then called out one by one. The bingo software will automatically dab off the numbers on the ticket to the ones that correspond to the numbers called out. The game is played in a single line and getting a single line across will result in the software calling a house and award the single line prize. Hitting the single line means that you have matched all the numbers that have been called.

The game will proceed to the next line and if you get the second line again you are deemed the winner. After the two lines have been won, the game moves on to the third part and final part. If you hit the third line again this is automatically known as a full house meaning that all three lines have been hit by the same player. The prizes offered by the 90 Ball bingo games include the low prize that is awarded when you hit a single line, and the next top award being awarded when you hit two lines and the top prize payout is when you hit a full house getting all 3 lines.
The 90 Ball bingo games can also offer a progressive jackpot that will keep increasing until it has been won. The progressive jackpot will be triggered when a player manages to hit a full house. If a single line or 2 lines have been hit, the prize money is shared amongst the winning players. An added advantage of 90 Ball bingo games is that players are able to purchase tickets in advance before the game has been played. You can always partake in the progressive jackpot even when you are not online.

6. 75 Ball Bingo Progressive Jackpot

75 Ball Bingo

75 bingo is just as popular as any other online game. The tickets contain 5×5 grids, which contains 24 numbers and a blank square in the middle. The blank square in the middle in generally called a ‘free square’. On each tickets there are 5 columns with the letters BINGO. The first column is named ‘B’ which contains numbers 1-15 and second column is named ‘I’ which contains numbers 16-30 and so on. When the bingo numbers are announced the caller states the letter before the number.

75 ball bingo games are generally of two types. One 75 ball bingo game usually consists of two rounds. In the 1st round the player has to mark a single vertical, horizontal or diagonal line on their card as per the numbers called. In the 2nd round a pattern is given on each tickets  and the players have to mark the numbers and make a pattern of the shape given. After completing the pattern the game is completed. The other type of 75 ball game does not contain the one line round and it directly contain the pattern making round. Prizes are sometimes given on the basis of rounds and sometimes they are given for overall. These types vary from game to game and from different online sites.

The prizes of the 75 ball bingo varies from game to game. Usually the games that require the player to complete a line offers less than the games which require the player to complete a pattern. The games which have more number of rounds usually offer a better prize than single round games as the player has to play more number of rounds to usually win the game and it takes more effort. Bingo now being online offers more prizes and jackpots as usual. There is special progressive jackpot pattern. This means that if you get a shape that can be completed in 16 squares then for the pattern the player will be provided around 20 calls of numbers to win the game as well as the progressive jackpot. Sometimes if you complete the pattern much quicker in less number of calls you are awarded more than usual.

7. 5 Line Bingo Progressive Jackpot

5 Line Bingo

5 Line Bingo, also known as the Swedish Bingo Game, is a fast paced game. It is another of the many variations of Bingo available online.

The game doesn’t end until all numbers are covered. Each online casino sites runs its own tournaments  and the game is played on a standard 5×5 Bingo card, but there is no free square. However, the game is more like 90-ball Bingo than standard 75-ball Bingo. Players try to make a single row for the first bingo. Then they try to make two rows and so on until someone completes all five rows.

The aim is to cover the lines either horizontally or diagonally.  You can win with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 lines or a combination of this – each game is mix and match.

Because the card is the standard 5×5, the numbers are called out as in standard Bingo. At least one site calls the numbers by their “nickname” first, then the actual number.

Players usually can customize their cards, choosing which numbers they want and where they want them on the card. Of course, a number that belongs to “B” must be placed in the first column, the same applying to every column.

Players can also determine how many seconds will elapse between numbers so they have enough time to mark the numbers on their cards.

There are many variations of 5-Line Bingo online: Most sites require a single horizontal line as the first bingo. Some allow a vertical line as well and some allow a diagonal line.

Most sites play for one line, then two etc. enabling five winners in each game. Others play one line, then three lines, then five lines. Some sites call a maximum number of balls (usually 22 or 23) for the first bingo. If there is no winner they go on to the next set of numbers (usually 44, 45, or 46) for the second bingo, and so on, for the third bingo.

Now select your choice of online casino where you can play and enjoy these Bingo Progressive Jackpots and win large sum of money too.