Can You Increase Your Winnings up to 4X in Pokies Machine?

4x pokies machines

These days Pokies have many great features to play like many of the pokies games have features that include wilds, scatters, free spins, bonus games and so on. But one feature that adds thrill to the pokies play is known as the gamble feature. This pokies feature gives you the chance to double or quadruple your wins if you play smart. So it really does increase your winnings up to 4x in pokies machine then the answer is yes it can with the use of gamble feature.

First let us understand the basic question as what is gamble feature

Gamble feature is a feature in pokies games that allow players to gamble their wins they have hit while playing the pokies. It is also called double or nothing, because you can either double your wins or walk away with nothing. Therefore, you should play smart with this feature.

Common gamble features that you find in pokies game include guessing the color or suit of playing cards or flipping a coin and guessing whether heads or tails come up. If you guess correctly, your wins will be doubled; guess the next suit or coin flip and quadruple your wins. But don’t get greedy because you may lose all you’ve got.

When to use this gamble feature is the important aspect for every pokies player

The gamble feature is available after you make some wins. If you wish to use it, click on the Gamble or Double Up button at the bottom of the screen. It is advisable to use this feature after you hit a couple of winning combinations. Try to find a gamble pokies what allows you to cash out some of your winnings before engaging the gamble feature. That way you will set some cash aside. It is also advisable to choose a gamble feature that is card or coin flip based, because that way you have 50/50 chances of winning.

Four main types of gamble features


Gamble Feature

There are in fact four main types of pokies game gamble features offered by various different online pokies game developers like Microgaming and others.

1. Playing Card Predicting Games

Some of the oldest pokies games found in many online casinos will offer you the chance of trying to double or possibly quadruple the value of any single winning spin spun in via a playing card type of bonus gamble game.

Whilst pokies offering this very basic type of gamble game have been around for many years and can be found in large numbers at all Playtech powered casinos they are still very popular with pokies players. Once you opt to play out this type of gamble game you are usually faced with making one of several decisions.

You will be given the option of trying to double your original base game winning spins value by correctly predicating whether the next card dealt out is going to be Red or Black, or for the chance of quadrupling the value of your base game winning spins value you may be offered the chance of correctly predicting the suit of the yet unseen playing card.

2. Your Gamble Bonus Game

One of the latest innovations in regards to gamble games  attached to many online pokies machines is the Your Gamble feature, and this is found on many of the latest Microgaming powered pokies games. This Your gamble feature is one whereby you are in control of just how much you stand to win when taking the gamble option.

The aim of the gamble game is quite simple to understand, on the gamble game screen is a large globe type animation on which a compass needle can be found, you are able to select a different total surface of the area of the globe to be either a winning area or a losing area, and once you have selected this you then spin the needle compass and will be hoping when it stops spinning it will land in the winning zone and opposed to the losing zone!

Gamble Feature

You can opt to take a very low risk type of gamble option by selecting the maximum surface area of this globe to be the winning green zone, and when you take this option a winning payout worth one twentieth of your gambled amount is awarded to you if the compass needle lands in the winning zone.

However, should it be a high risk and high reward type of bonus gamble game you wish to play you can select the minimum surface area of the globe to be the winning green zone, and should the needle compass then land in the green zone a winning payout worth twenty times your gambled amount is then awarded to you instantly!

3. Heads or Tails Bonus Gamble Games

You may be aware that when you are playing BetSoft Gaming powered pokies, thanks to their 3D animations the pokies really do come to life. In regards to the bonus gamble game offered on their range of pokies you will certainly find them much more exciting than the standard playing card picking gamble features!

One type of gamble game attached to many of Betsoft Gaming’s bonus video pokies is a coin tossing round, you simply have to decide whether a coin which is going to be tossed on screen will land heads up or tails up, and if you guess correctly your gambled amount will be doubled!

4. Dice Tossing Gamble Games

Another BetSoft Gaming exclusive type of gamble game involves the throwing of three dice, once a winning combination has been spun in then by selecting to utilize the gamble game feature you will have to guess whether the total of those three dice will be odd or even, a correct guess will double your gambled amount and an incorrect guess will of course see you losing the gambled amount!

You are able to give this and in fact all of the other gamble game features a try at no risk and this is done simply by selecting the free pokies play options at the casino at which you are playing.

Gamble Game Limits and Bonus Rules

Fish Party pokies

All of the above gamble games will have what is known as a gamble limit, this will be dependent on which pokies game you opt to play and the gamble game will not allow you to gamble any further when you reach this maximum permitted limit.

Also be aware that whenever you take the gamble game option this will have an effect on the payout percentage of that pokies playing session, whilst a series of winning gamble games will increase your overall payout percentage a series of losing ones will have a negative effect on your RTP for that session, so always keep a level head and never overdo the gamble games!

You should also be aware that often when you have a casino bonus in your account and are playing a pokies game, any amount of cash you wager on the gamble game feature will not usually be taken into account in regards to any bonus play through requirements, and as such you should not include any losing gamble games you have made as part of your bonus play through requirement.

The popular pokies games to play where you can find this gamble feature which would let your winnings increase up to 4x. Play these pokies games at online casinos of repute.

1. Gladiator Jackpot

Gladiator Jackpot

This video pokies with 5 reels and 25 pay- lines by Playtech features historical scenes from the original blockbuster movie of 2000. The game comes with scatter wins, wilds, bonus features, progressive jackpot and gamble feature that doubles you wins up to 4 times.

2. Spartania


Prove yourself a worthy warrior in the ancient city of Sparta with this 5 reel, 30 pay- line 3D pokies created by Sheriff Gaming. The pokies features wild and scatter symbol, multiplier, bonus game, free spins and Double Up feature where you can double your wins.

3. At the Copa

At the copa

Ignite the floor with your dance moves along with the sexy dancer Carolina by playing this 5 reel, 30 pay- line pokies by BetSoft. Some pokies features include expanding wilds, bonus game, free spins and gamble feature where you need to choose heads or tails. If you guess the outcome correctly, your wins will be doubled.


4. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

With 243 ways to win this pokies you can gamble your bet and track 3 scatters down to gain an insight into 1 of these Bonus Games: Baratheon Family has 8 Free Games at 5x Booster

  • Lannister Clan possesses 10 Free Spins at 4x Multiplier
  • Stark House wins 14 Free Games at 3x Booster
  • Targaryan Tribe triggers 18 Free Spins at 2x Multiplier

You should settle for Gamble Feature Journey to double your gains during 4 rounds.

5. Lucky Zodiac

Lucky Zodiac

In this pokies the scatter symbol can leave everything aside and work only for you. Collecting up to 5 scatters from any reel position, don’t get surprised receiving 2x, 4x, 20x and 200x Multiplier. Besides, how can you grab $80,000 in any other way?

6. Hell Boy

Hell Boy Pokies

Hellboy also features a popular super mode free spins bonus feature that is triggered randomly with up to three held wilds as well as a 2x and 4x gamble feature for those who still have some adrenaline left.

7. Wooly World

Wooly World Pokies

Tickle your nerves and boost prizes won playing all-or-nothing Gamble Feature in this pokies. It’s your lucky chance to turn a few pennies won into the several thousands strong prize. Improve your luck and choose the card color to win 2x Multiplier or venture to predict the card suit and get 4x Multiplier for the win.

Though playing pokies with gamble feature gives you increase in your winnings up to 4x but it is also risky, and challenging. The fact that you can greatly increase your bankroll if you make smart choices is very tempting. Therefore, keep your winnings under control and know your limits. One wrong guess and you may lose all. But you can also make some very impressive wins just for showing some confidence and taking the risk to win huge.